Who we are

We are a group of enthusiastic people with a single idea: to get quality audiovisual content to the LGTB community. The themes have a common denominator: information of all kinds that may be of interest to gays, lesbians, transsexuals and, of course, people close to the gay community. News, culture, trends, events ... all this and much more is what you can find on GAYLES.TV.

We come from the world of television and advertising and we understand the specific needs of the collective because we are part of it. We are fully convinced that a page that addresses issues that affect the gay community should be able to interest anyone regardless of their sexual choice and this is only possible from the commitment to quality and respect for diversity.

We are very aware that the name gay comes from an Occitan word, gai, which means joy, joy ... And we will not betray that origin. We firmly believe that quality is not incompatible with enjoyment ...

We hope you make this proposal, made from and for the entire LGBT community.