QLit: First Queer literature festival

The QLit festival has vindicated in its first edition the legacy of the poet and feminist Maria Mercè Marçal

GAYLES.TV.- L 'Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC) has organized QLit, the first festival dedicated to LGBTI literature, feminist and queer of Catalan literature, from poetry, children's and young people's literature, narrative and essays. QLit has been curated by the president of AELC, Bel Olid, together with Ricard Ruiz Garzón y Sebastià Portillo.


The QLit Festival -also pronounced clit- has traced a journey through the non-normative desires in Catalan letters, vindicating the legacy of voices outside the traditional canon, and bringing together a great diversity of current proposals and reflecting on the future of literature.

The QLit Festival has also been an experimental space, with the workshop DragQueer to play with the identity through the projected image. The exhibition "We are like this. Lesbian daily life »is an itinerant exhibition that rescues lesbianism from invisibility with the aim of naturalizing love and sexuality among women and emphasizing their diversity.

In the QLit Festival they have participated Lucas Platero, Ian Bermúdez, Mar C. Llop, Eva Baltasar, Carol Paris, Alba Torrent, Josefa Contijoch, Marta Font Espriu, Lluïsa Julià, Maria Isern, Teresa López-Pellisa, Raquel Santanera, Guillem Gavaldà, Jaume Creus, Encarna Sant- Celoni, Maria Sevilla, Pol Galofre, Bernat Cormand, Mercè Otero Vidal, Lawrence Schimel, Elisabet Riera, Sílvia Bel, Joan Duran i Ferrer and Carles Rebassa.


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