PSOE: one of lime and another of sand

PSOE: one of lime and another of sand PSOE: one of lime and another of sand

The central government will "lead" the actions against Ayuso's LGTBI cuts

El Government of Spain «will lead» the actions against the modification of the Trans Law and the Law against LGTBIphobia in the Region of Madrid in "coordination" with the PSOE-M.

The general secretary of the Madrid socialists, John Lobato, who has insisted that the central Executive has «a lot to say» in these changes having been approved at the beginning of this year the National Trans Law which, among others, includes the term «gender self-determination«, which was eliminated from the Madrid regulations.

El PSOE already warned in November, when these proposals of the PP, which would explore all avenues to avoid what it considers a «cutout«. The modifications were approved on December 22, 2023 in a Extraordinary plenary session.

«It should be the Government of Spain that assumes leadership and that is what it is doing. And so we are all clear«Lobato said. «That is what was approved through the back door while we are all outraged, and rightly so, with the LGTBI laws«, launched the general secretary of the PSOE-M. That is why he recalled that he announced in December that he will present appeals to the Constitutional Court and the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) against the Simplification Law.

Isabel García resists

PSOE: one of lime and another of sandWhile they seek to lead the defense of the National Trans Law, they maintain the position of transphobic director Isabel García at the Women's Institute. An appointment that has earned them criticism from more than 50 associations LGTBIQ +. Remember that García It showed itself contrary to the Trans Law national approved the last Legislature and assured on his social networks that «trans women do not exist» and using tags like StopDelirioTrans.

Federation Trans Platform y Euphoria Trans-Allied Families They asked the minister Ana Redondo than "revoke» the designation and place «a woman who defends all women, including trans women«. They highlight that the «ideological frameworks defended by Isabel García» are the same ones on which the modification of the Autonomous Trans Law full Region of Madrid.

As of today, he is still in office and PSOE He has closed ranks defending his appointment.

PSOE: one of lime and another of sand


Sources: Free Info

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