hydrangea project

hydrangea project hydrangea project

The Proyecto Hortensia campaign promoted by LGTBIQ+ organizations claims empathy towards trans people

Organizations LGTBIQ + They have launched this Monday the campaign «hydrangea project» that claims empathy towards trans people and that has as its common thread the gratitude of the collective to those «that have become shelter from transphobia» such as family members or educational and health personnel.

The former socialist deputy Carla Antonelli, the president of the Trans Platform Federation, Mar Cambrollé, and the activists Alicia Ramos, Elsa Ruiz or Samantha Hudson, have joined this initiative that includes a podcast and an information portal. They are also involved in the campaign Euphoria, Trans-Allied Families or Chrysallis, Among others.

From the organizations they defend that «gratitude can become the engine of understanding and empathy towards trans people»and, for this reason, they have chosen it as the theme of the campaign.

To make gratitude visible, the initiative is committed to the delivery of hydrangea bouquets. This flower has been chosen because it can be born in different colors and also vary its hue before blooming. As they have indicated, the growth of hydrangeas «It is a story of diversity that has a nice and happy ending.", What "it should be that of trans childhoods and youth«.


As for the podcast, it is a talk by the comedian Elsa ruiz with family and friends of trans people. It contains testimonials that show their reality and explain the adaptation process of transitioning children and youth. The goal is that «serve as support for those people who begin to travel it«.

«At a time of so much tension in social networks and a tension especially directed at trans people, the P»hydrangea project» wants to show that these platforms can also become a meeting and understanding place, open windows to people who suffer hate and need a collective hug“, the entities have pointed out.

hydrangea project


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