The LGTB + community takes to the streets of Colombia during the protests

The LGTB + community takes to the streets of Colombia during the protests

The mobilizations for the national strike in Colombia continue with the support of the LGTB + collective

Non-binary people, drag queens, activists, trans, lesbians and other members of the community LGTB + have taken to the streets to protest during the mobilizations for the national strike in Colombia. In Bogota,, shouting «No more dead", the colective LGTB + wanted to vindicate today, with a «performance»And their bodies almost naked and stained with blood, which so far this year have already murdered more than ten trans girls in the country.

«You cannot live here, it is very violent. The Government, the police, machismo, religion, the Church, morality have us tied by the neck and that is why we are protesting because we are not going to let them continue to kill us", it states Demon Tamara, House of the Tupamaras, A collective shemale marika.


A week ago, a video in which three trans women participated in the protests from art went viral. At a station transmilenio, danced to commemorate with one of the icons of the resistance in New York in the second half of twentieth century, the dance of Voguing. A dance style characterized by elegant, rigid and precise postures in which the models on the covers of Vogue are imitated. "El Vogue femme highlights that femininity that could not be shown on the outside, but was hidden by the social issue. This dance is a celebration of that feminine energy of which we are all composed.”, Commented the activist piisciiss

A dozen activists gathered in the central national park, one of the main points of the protests in recent days in the capital, to participate with their heels, thongs and, above all, their voices in the explosion of demands that have taken over the country since the national strike of April 28. «Today we march because we have a voice, because we want to exalt our 'bodies', because we want to claim that we do not want more violence, that we do not want a country where they kill us for being who we are, for feeling how we want to feel«, Alleged Demon.

The LGTB + community takes to the streets of Colombia during the protests

Sources: HomosexualInformationInfobae

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