Teachers with painted skirts and nails to support a trans girl

Teachers with painted skirts and nails to support a trans girl Teachers with painted skirts and nails to support a trans girl

Campaign by the teachers of the César Barrios de Lepe school in response to the insults and humiliations received by a trans student

The school's teachers Cesar Barrios de Lepe, Huelva, has launched a campaign against Transphobia in response to the attacks received by an eleven-year-old trans student. They have decided to go to work at school with skirt and painted nails. A student from the 5th grade school had received insults and harassment for being trans. The classmates laughed at her because she painted her nails.

When the teachers found out, they decided to wear skirts and paint their nails in colors. The intention of this answer is to normalize the freedom of each one to dress and express themselves as they wish regardless of their sex or gender. «We do not judge your way of dressing, much less of hearing«, They write in the blog of the center. The teachers noticed that a situation of «bullying" To her. For this reason, they went to the center with painted nails and wearing skirts to make the problem visible and to raise awareness among the rest of the students and society against the Transphobia.

After speaking with the minor, he told them that it was not only a situation that occurred in the classroom, but also outside of it and that it carried «a year without going out in the afternoon«. In addition, they were interested in knowing how the affected student felt and she explained that «I knew he was born a boy, but he feels and wants to be a girl«.

Teachers involved

Teachers with painted skirts and nails to support a trans girlThe first thing the teachers did to tackle the problem was to talk to the bullies who humiliated and insulted their classmate because of her gender identity, which the principal describes as «an evil«. It was explained to these children that they were causing harm to their partner and they tried to make them understand why their actions were not right. «They cried, asked for forgiveness, said they did not understand that they were doing harm, showed their regret and a very positive attitude«, They explain from the center.

«School is more than math, language, etc. and we have to be at the height to guarantee the well-being of our minor. And go ahead, although it is not necessary, that this is not about indoctrination, or parental pin, or anything like it. This is to guarantee the freedom of people and their rights, and if I paint my nails for example or wear a skirt (so that the child does not feel alone and thus promote debate among others and then be able to carry out the timely explanations) do not doubt that I will do it and I do not care exactly being on social networks or wherever«, Assured the director in a circular addressed to families.

Bell "I am not your joke«

After what happened, from the center they have launched the campaign «I am not your joke«, To shout very loud that«Sexuality and gender identity are not chosen; they are born with one. You choose not to express it and live bitterly, or to manifest it and be attacked«.

«Unfortunately, these are the options that are given in the society we live in: to live bitterly or to be attacked, but in the CEIP Cesar Barrios de Lepe those options do not exist. Students, teachers, staff, mothers, fathers and everyone who steps on it can do it as they want. We do not judge the way you dress, much less how you feel. Every day we fight for each student to attend our center calm, happy and proud of being who they are. This is only the beginning«, They explain.

Sources: Antena 3Huelva Information

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