The importance of teachers as an LGTBIQ+ reference

The importance of teachers as an LGTBIQ+ reference The importance of teachers as an LGTBIQ+ reference

FELGTBI+ launches the campaign Mirrors in the classrooms to raise awareness about the harassment suffered by the group's teachers

La State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersexuals and more (FELGTBI+) presented this Tuesday the back to school campaign mirrors in classrooms, with the aim of reducing discrimination in educational centers. The initiative focuses on adults in the educative community, and highlights the importance of teachers who are part of the collective LGTBIQ + in the development of students.

With the message “Make yourself visible in your school and become a benchmark for diversity”, the federation and the participants encourage the educational community to be free and safe to create safe spaces and environments in schools and institutes, in which students “not only can they see themselves reflected, but they can also come to situations that are difficult to manage".

The campaign warns at the same time of the discrimination that teachers may suffer LGTBIQ +. On the website they propose resources to help raise awareness in the educational community through videos with testimonies from the group that describe their experience as teachers LGTBIQ +.

campaign data

El 18% of LGTBIQ+ professionals have not come out of the closet in his works. 67% consider that people LGTBIQ + they are little or not at all visible for fear of losing their jobs, suffering hatred, harassment and discrimination, especially in private centers. Although it should be noted that the 43% of the teaching staff LGTBIQ + you have felt very supported regarding your sexual orientation or your gender identity by the educational center

Teachers are the biggest influencer

The importance of teachers as an LGTBIQ+ referenceAccording to a study of its own FELGTBI+ within the project Educa Network, 63,8% of teachers does not report the attacks they suffer for reasons of gender identity or sexual orientation, and of those who do, 68% consider that nothing is done about it. “There is subtle violence and the only way to stop it is training, education and awareness in the educational field itself."Says Maria Rodriguez, sociologist in charge of the research.

The analysis reveals that “very few" or "an absolute minority" of personal LGTBIQ + of educational centers express their sexual orientation or gender identity. FELGTBI+ ensures that there is a broad network of teachers and adults in the educational community who can be a safe place for all students, and is committed to strengthening it.

Sources: La VanguardiaEl País

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