The Government begins the participatory process of the Catalan Trans* Law

The Government begins the participatory process of the Catalan Trans* Law

The protagonists of the participatory process will be trans* people and the entities that defend their rights

La Catalan trans* law It will be built in a shared way with citizens and, especially, with trans* people and the entities that defend their rights. Its participatory process has already begun and for a month, the prior public consultation will be opened through the portal Gencat participates, where everyone can send their proposals.

Meetings and meetings will also be held with trans* people and with entities and agents that defend their rights, to collect their demands and correct the lack of recognition, representation and distributive injustice they suffer. The objective is to be able to collect all the proposals and needs to elaborate a law that makes the rights of trans* people effective in all public and private spheres of society, while allowing the eradication of any form of discrimination based on identity or gender expression.

Crosscutting the entire process of drafting the comprehensive law recognizing the right to gender identity and expression, a working group made up of trans* entities and people will be set up, which will monitor the construction of the regulations and will provide proposals and observations during the course of its gestation.

Guarantee the rights of trans* people

Catalunya already has a transinclusive legislation, contained in laws such as the 11/2014 rights of LGBTI people and to eradicate LGBTIphobia, anda Law 19/2020 for Equal Treatment and Non-Discriminationas well as the current the current LGBTI Interdepartmental Plan 2019-2022. These regulations have already allowed the development of trans-inclusive policies that have led to an extension of rights. For example, in Catalonia it is possible to obtain the health card with the meaningful name without the need for any medical procedure, and this year 2021 they have managed 429 requests.

Likewise, the data show the need to have a law exclusively trans*. 21% of the complaints communicated to the General Direction d'Igualtat between 2015 and 2019 they were for transphobia, the second most recorded type of discrimination by the group LGBTI +. Also the results of the macro-survey carried out in 2020 on people from the group LGBTI + by the Agency for Fundamental Rights of the European Union (FRA), show the frequent violation of their fundamental rights and the importance of developing specific regulatory frameworks to protect and promote the rights of trans* people.

In this context, from Equality and Feminisms starts up the Catalan trans* law that will guarantee the rights of the people trans* in all areas of society and at all ages, also guaranteeing the rights of trans* children and adolescents and moving towards the full depathologization and emancipation of trans* people.

The Government begins the participatory process of the Catalan Trans* Law


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