First sanction for homophobia in professional Spanish sports

First sanction for homophobia in professional Spanish sports First sanction for homophobia in professional Spanish sports

The Spanish Swimming Federation suspends Ubovic with 4 matches for calling «fagot»To Víctor Gutiérrez

Nemanja ubovic, player of the CN Sabadell, has been punished with four games of suspension for uttering a homophobic insult to an opponent during the game against him Terrassa NPP disputed on April 17. "Between all of us we have made history»Were the words chosen by the water polo player Víctor Gutiérrez to celebrate the historic sanction.

El Competition Committee of the Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEH) has considered the action of Ubović as a serious offense typified in the Disciplinary regime and in addition to the four games he has imposed a fine of 200 euros on the Serbian player.

Proven insult

According to Competition, according to the viewing of television images Terrassa Terrace and to the statements that appear in the file, it has been proven that Ubović "uttered a homophobic insult to the water polo player of the NPP Terrassa Victor Gutierrez at the end of the game and when both teams proceeded to the formal handshake, outside the pool”. These actions have been considered a serious offense.

«For the first time the homophobia in sport«, Has pointed out Gutierrez in their networks. Furthermore, he added that «it had to be shown that the LGBTophobia has no place«. In the publication, the athlete thanked the collective support and the institutions. Víctor Gutiérrez, who revealed that he was homosexual in an interview in 2016, uncovered the case after the match on April 17. «Sadly I have to tell you that I have suffered an episode of homophobia while competing. A rival has called me up to two times a fag. It is unfortunate that these behaviors occur in sports venues and that they also go unpunished«He confessed on his official Twitter account.

It seems that something is changing and the player of the Terrassa NPP has been able to celebrate in the networks the historic sanction: «Sport is a better place for everyone today«.

First sanction for homophobia in professional Spanish sports

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