Positive Pride marches for the rights of people with HIV

Positive Pride marches for the rights of people with HIV Positive Pride marches for the rights of people with HIV

Celebrities and activists unite in an emotional show of support for Positive Pride

This morning the XII Congress of Cesida and tomorrow October 21 at 12:30 a.m. the second march of the Positive Pride that will travel from Ministry of Health al Reina Sofia Museum. This event not only celebrates diversity, but fights against the stigma associated with HIV and has become a focal point on the agenda of the State HIV Coordinator and AIDS, supported by 76 entities nationwide.

Prominent personalities such as Eduardo Casanova, Paco León, Carla Antonelli and Horrella Góngora have recorded moving messages inviting the march of HIV+ Positive Pride. His participation, along with that of politicians and other personalities, highlights the importance of equality and inclusion in the fight against discrimination against those who live with HIV.

Positive Pride

Positive Pride marches for the rights of people with HIVEl Positive Pride was born in 2022 with the aim of drawing attention to the persistence of stigma and discrimination associated with HIV. Pride+ It is an initiative to value the 40 years of activism and resilience that, after more than four decades since the beginning of this pandemic, the HIV has been a vector of various social changes, such as the request of equal marriage.

More than forty years ago, the June 5th, 1981, the first case of AIDS. Since its inception, infection by HIV and the Side It transcended the biological to become a political and social phenomenon with a high moralizing, discriminatory and stigmatizing load, which placed blame on the affected people.

Tomorrow we will go out onto the streets again to give visibility to the 150.000 people with HIV what is estimated to be in Spain, why "What is not seen does not exist", and the HIV It is a reality hidden behind fear and social stigma.


Sources: Cesida

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