Pride! BCN 2021 against HIV stigma

More than 5.500 people celebrate the Pride BCN, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the first cases of AIDS

GAYLES.TV.- The Pride! Barcelona It has been held in accordance with the restrictions caused by the pandemic. Under the motto Undetectable = Instransmissible, Pride! Barcelona 2021 held on September 4, a rally that brought together 5.500 people, according to Urban Guard, to fight against stigma and discrimination suffered by people with HIV.

The Manifesto was read by Sergio Cuho, prepared by the three entities that this year have formed the motor group, GAIS POSITIUS, STOP AIDS y BCN CHECKPOINT.  

Throughout the day the public was able to visit the entities LGBTI in the Village Pride !,  participate in the activities of the pride! Kids by LGTBI FAMILIES y CHRYSALLIS and Living library de ACATHI, as well as the book signing at the bookstores stand ACCOMPLICES and ANTINOUS and the presentation by the AND of the qualitative report on lesbophobia 2014-2020.

The Pride! Barcelona does not stop!

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