Pride Barcelona with LGTBI refugees

Pride Barcelona with LGTBI refugees

380.000 Participants in the 15 days of Pride Barcelona 2018

GAYLES.TV.- The manifestation of Pride Barcelona 2018, more than 80.000 participants, culminated with the reading of the manifesto on Avenida Reina Cristina. Entities and associations have united under the motto "Pride is to welcome. Barcelona with LGTBI refugees " and they have given the prominence of this edition to the refugees of the collective.

Hundreds of activities and a commitment to renovation have made the Pride Barcelona 2018 exceeds 380.000 attendees. We interviewed Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and Eloi Death, director of the Pride Barcelona.



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  1. Hi, I'm from Honduras ... I arrived in Barcelona two months ago with my partner, and I would love to meet some LGBT organization that is oriented to the asylum and refuge

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