Pressure to pass LGTBI and Trans laws before Pride

Pressure to pass LGTBI and Trans laws before Pride Pressure to pass LGTBI and Trans laws before Pride

A total of 76 organizations in defense of the rights of Trans and LGTBI people ask "not to invite" the PSOE to the Pride demonstration

The Government intensifies the internal negotiation of laws LGTBI and trans, which have been stuck for months, with the aim of having the legislative package ready to be approved in the Council of Ministers before the celebration of Pride (Junio ​​28). Senior officials in the ministries of Justice and Equality, who are the two proponents of both standards, held a meeting all day this Wednesday at the headquarters of the department that pilots Juan Carlos Campo placeholder image to advance.

The main stumbling block remains gender self-determination: the PSOE Does not yield and continues to bet on imposing some requirement on the legal change of sex of trans people beyond the “mere will”. Negotiations have been stuck for months and Huntsman blames the socialists who, as they approve in Canary Islands they lay him down in Madrid. "Or the PSOE it contradicts or they have not found out what they are approving in the Canary Islands”, They criticize from We can.

Despite this negotiation, the starting points are still far apart. «I'm focused on what I committed to Congress: recover the 2019 consensus, enforce that social consensus to defend the rights of trans people and that we can have for the Pride trans law and LGTBI law already in process", Has expressed Irene Montero.

With "the 2019 consensus”The minister refers to the bill promoted then by the socialists, which endorsed gender self-determination and which fell on the verge of being approved by the dissolution of the Cuts due to the electoral advance. That proposal had the endorsement of all the groups of the Camera. However, since then the PSOE has changed position.

They ask that the PSOE «don't be invited»To Pride

The issue is especially disturbing in the socialist ranks as the date of the Pride celebration approaches LGTBI to the reaction that may be against their charges in the demonstration, the central act of the event, due to the entrenchment in the negotiation. In the retina of the socialists these days is the rejection of the leaders of Ciudadanos in march 2019.

A total of 76 organizations in defense of people's rights Trans and LGTBI have written a letter to the organization of the festivities of the Pride of Madrid (COGAM and FELGTB) in which they ask them to PSOE «don't be invited»To the demonstration«if you have not lifted the blockade before»To the processing of the Trans Law written by the Ministry of Equality.

It is not yet clear whether the new rights will be included in a single law (as the PSOE) or in two, as you consider United We can that was agreed in the coalition pact. Huntsman agreed to merge the texts into one at the request of the collectives, who tried to mediate between the parties by proposing that there was a single project and that the PSOE accept self-determination. For the socialist part of the Government It was clear that it would finally be a single law with an important chapter dedicated to trans people, but United We can maintains that it accepted that condition if its wording regarding the legal change of sex was maintained.

Pressure to pass LGTBI and Trans laws before Pride

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