Transgender presenter in Pakistan

Maavia-Malik Transgender presenter in Pakistan

Maavia Malik is the name of the first transgender person to present an informative in Pakistan

GAYLES.TV.- Once again the paradox jumps to the headlines in relation to transgender people. And, curiously, deeply homophobic societies are more tolerant on issues related to transsexuality. And it is not that we are talking about the ideal situation of acceptance and integration, but considering that it is Pakistan that is a Muslim nation and very conservative, that a transgender person happens to present a daily news on a television network, it is a great Advance.

Maavia Malik started working at Kohenoor News a few months ago but her first appearance in front of the cameras came just a week ago with a great stir in the social networks of a country with an 94% Muslim population.

Imran Hamza, a board member of Kohenoor News says that "Malik is doing her job as a news anchor after having trained for the position." He also adds that before joining the direct screen, he had gained experience presenting news bulletins on the Facebook and YouTube channels of television.


The point is that for the first time a television channel in Pakistan takes a step in that direction and the initiative has been praised by many fans who also applaud the courage of Malik. And, despite the fact that the official census accounts for a total of 10.418 trans people in Pakistan, transphobia is very present in society: trans individuals are often socially marginalized and forced to resort to prostitution or begging to subsist, even those who belong to wealthy families.

Despite this bleak outlook, improvements in the lives of transgender people in the country are seen as the Pakistani Senate has just passed a law that aims to protect the transgender community from harassment and the usual physical and sexual attacks that suffer. The law must still be submitted to the approval of the National Assembly but, if it is achieved, it will entail significant improvements for the group since, among other measures, it contemplates establishing as crimes the fact that admission to educational centers or to receive the part corresponding of an inheritance.

We insist on the paradox of a situation that occurs in one of the few countries on the planet that recognizes the third sex in official documents.



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