A Polish television presenter apologizes to the LGTBI+ community

A Polish television presenter apologizes to the LGTBI+ community A Polish television presenter apologizes to the LGTBI+ community

After 8 years of far-right government, two LGTBI+ activists were interviewed on Polish public television

For the first time, after 8 years of government of far right in the country, two LGTBI+ activists They went to the studies of the polish public television. Before starting the interview, the presenter dedicated a few words to the entire group: «Before starting this conversation, I think I should say three things."he pointed out Wojciech Szelag, one of the most recognizable faces on screen in Poland.

«For many years in Poland, shameful words have been directed at numerous people for the simple fact that they had chosen to identify themselves by who they are and who they love. LGTBI people are not an ideology, they are people, they have names, family and friends. All those people should hear the word sorry somewhere. This is where I apologize«, he declared. The activists Maja Heban and Bart Staszewski They appreciated his words with faces that said it all.

Change in Poland

A Polish television presenter apologizes to the LGTBI+ communitylast fall Poland voted and the ultraconservative leader Mateusz Morawiecki The Government he had led since 2015 lost. During his mandate, both he and part of his team have uttered clearly homophobic words on repeated occasions. Brussels even opened a file against Poland (and Hungary) for its harassment of the LGTBI community.

The leader of Civic Coalition, Donald Tusk, is the new prime minister and has promised to reverse the anti-european policies of his predecessor, as well as establishing a more liberal government.

Among its objectives is precisely the reform of the public television to free it from the control to which its contents were subjected during the conservative government. The TVP It then received a significant amount of government funding, a donation that coincided with the increase in propaganda and which led one of its main presenters to declare that he was ashamed of its content.

En Poland were created «free zones of LGTBI ideology» in several municipalities and the president of Poland, also ultra-conservative Andrzej Duda, accused the «LGTBI ideology» of being worse than communism, hence the presenter's reference. In 2020, Polish television charged against Spain to live "under the dictates of the LGTBI ideology«. The news program with the largest audience in the country pointed out that «LGTBI ideology takes over Spanish children«. The country was in a presidential campaign and our country was seen as what awaited Poland if the opposition won the elections.

A Polish television presenter apologizes to the LGTBI+ community

Sources: SER chainelDiario.es

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