2018 feathers and whips

Feathers and whips 2018 2018 feathers and whips

XII delivery of the awards that recognize organizations, professionals and institutions committed to sexual diversity.

GAYLES.TV.- The framework chosen by the FELGTB for the delivery gala of the XII 2018 feathers and whips was the auditorium of the Palacio de Cibeles, where the headquarters of the Madrid City Council. The contest would have its equivalent in the well-known Naranja and Limón awards given by the general press, but its character is more committed and demanding and of course, focused on the LGTBI theme.

El Choir of Voices LGTB opened the transvestite ceremony and singing the Colors Of The Wind of the movie Pocahontas, a festive beginning that gave way to a brief but intense, entertaining and fun gala, which is very much appreciated. As masters of ceremonies they exercised Niurka Gibaja and Paco Tomás that for a start they delivered a few lashes, the first for the Party that accumulates nominations to kicks for what was defined by Tomás himself as "the Meryl Streep of these galas".

The Canary Islands played a very important role, with recognitions Drag Queen of the Carnival of Las Palmas, the transgender singer-songwriters Chip and Alicia Ramos and the speech of the also canary president of FELGTB, Uge Sangil, who had an emotional memory for LGTBI people with disabilities.

Boti García

But of course there was also a space for the Media Feathers, in this case the couple of The Javis, who dedicated the distinction to the work of the FELGTB that has allowed them, as they stated, “dream, have a life and work to make the world a better place«.

But the final touch was the deserved recognition of Boti García Rodrigo for a lifetime dedicated to activism and the rights of LGTBI people. When he picked up the Boti award he recognized that precisely that activism had provided him "Friends, companions and, above all, dreams".

There was a section for the special mentions that fell on the film A Fantastic WomanEquality Unit of the University of La Rioja and, posthumously, a memory for the crying Brazilian activist victim of murder, Marielle Franco.

Paco Tomás defined the Feathers and Whips as «the prizes of activism to activism. Perhaps that is why they have less impact and their coverage is almost exclusively limited to LGBT media. It's a shame because the winners are of a high level«. Perhaps it would begin to be time for some publicly owned media to give space to the information of this contest that is gradually making its way beyond the LGTBI environment.

Sources: FELGTB.org. universegay.com


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