The FELGTBI+ announces the winners of the Plumas y Látigo Awards

The FELGTBI+ announces the winners of the Plumas y Látigo Awards The FELGTBI+ announces the winners of the Plumas y Látigo Awards

The Plumas y Látigo Awards recognize the activism and commitment of people, organizations and projects with the LGTBIQ+ collective

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Feather and Whip Awards These are awards that are given annually by the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersexuals and more (FELGTBI+) to recognize the work of people, entities and works that have distinguished themselves in defending the rights of people LGTBIQ + and in the visibility of the group. Also, the delivery of Whip seeks the public denunciation of those who favor the discrimination of people LGTBIQ +. This year's gala is once again face-to-face and will be held next November 18 at 19:XNUMX p.m..

The winners this 2022 with the awards Fountain Pens are:


For the visibility of his bisexuality in a space as mediatic as Save me and other TV programs, and for the claim of not presumption of homosexuality when being in a relationship with a woman.


For his activist career in favor of LGTBI + rights. He was founder and first president of Fundación Triángulo and president of COGAM and FELGTBI +.


For her visibility as a trans woman, her role in “La Veneno”, through which she contributed to giving visibility to the trans reality, and for her participation in the documentary “Ellas”.


Lesbian who was part of Las Chillers. For promoting the diversity and visibility of women in music companies. She defends inclusive and intersectional trans discourses, whether by age, origin, weight...


Posthumous tribute to the activist who was Family Group Coordinator, for his tireless work for the recognition of family diversity, especially homoparental families.

The writer who reflects through literature on problems related to diversity and respect, for his activism in favor of LGTBI+ people with disabilities and in favor of human rights.

And the most feared prize, the whip, this year is for:

For his management of the crisis of the monkey pox, which contributed to delve into the stigmatization of the group.

In addition, there will be special mentions for the organization Gehitu e equal for his 25 years, to volunteering for State Pride; a tanxungeiras by Cloth Corado and his pro-LGTBI + speech already UNHCR for defending the rights of LGBTI+ migrants, refugees and displaced persons.

The FELGTBI+ announces the winners of the Plumas y Látigo Awards

Sources: FELGTBI+

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