The exciting proclamation of María Peláe at the Torremolinos Pride

The exciting proclamation of María Peláe at the Torremolinos Pride The exciting proclamation of María Peláe at the Torremolinos Pride

María Peláe at Pride in Torremolinos: “If we are feminists, trans are companions"

The proclamation of the singer and composer from Malaga, Maria Pelae in the LGTBIQ+ pride of TorremolinosIt has gone viral on social media. Peláe denounced the difficult childhood of homosexual people and claimed their rights.

Reviewing her own life, the folklore has unraveled, with great art, the experience of LGTBI people. «Back in the year 90 my parents saw fit to baptize me in Torremolinos, and notice that right inside that church, it seems that what fell on my head, more than drops of sanctified water, came to fall on me a spring of freedom, of sweet wine and clear things«, it began. «And we are in Torremolinos, what did you expect!«, He added.

«As you can imagine, and unconsciously, I adjusted to the current, demanding and still present heteronormativity. With his 'what is normal and what is not', allocating the sheep astray to abnormality and that in the end, it turns out, that we are fed up. 'Mariquilla! Which boy do you like in class?', 'Which 'back street boy' is your favourite?', 'Have you had a little kiss yet?', 'Why don't you wear that skirt?' ,'with that short hair you look totally like a boy', 'girl! Leave football because you have more bruises than moles'«, he recalled from the stage of the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center. "And now that I think about it, memories come to me that seem even funny to me, that friend that I liked very, very much, that Chenoa singing 'Last dance', playing house and wanting to be the dad who arrives at lunchtime … I didn't know anything! little angel…«He continued.

Lack of empathy and respect

The exciting proclamation of María Peláe at the Torremolinos PridePelae has also denounced the lack of «empathy and respect» that people from the LGTBI community have had to suffer during their childhood, both by society and by teachers and even within families. In addition, he described the difficult stage of acceptance that many people go through: «I try, I force myself, I fool myself, I can't, silence, I try. How can this be? That I am? Where do I fit? I lie to myself«.

«And the girl realizes that she likes her friend Rociíto and they end up going to bars where only girls go. And, listen to me, a clarification of something very common that comes to mind: thanks, we don't need any prick to convert us, that you have a dick, not a magic wand, piece of chard«, has claimed

trans partners

«Within the group there are women. And here one greets you. In addition to the backpack of homophobia, machismo blows us one and another day in the neck«, he underlined adding that «there is a lot to review about us«:«There is nothing that hurts me more than a gay and a lesbian who do not support, admire and love each other«. He has also released a clear message: «That if we are feminists, the trans are like the most, compañeras«.

Throughout the proclamation, Maria Pelae He has also claimed why it is so necessary to continue taking to the streets for LGTBI Pride: «Why a pride? Because they have stolen our adolescence, the elbow, the butterflies in the stomach. Who gives me back those years? Personal development without fear and prejudice, for my daughters, your sons and our sons, as much as it stings, we will continue making this blessed noise.»

years of lies

The exciting proclamation of María Peláe at the Torremolinos Pride«For the women who ended up being nuns and not by vocation, for the men who, fulfilling their task of being men, have lost the desire to continue and write another line. For the one they killed, for the ones who kissed under the sheets, for the ones who have lived bitterly and today, from their forever partner, for not having an equal marriage law in force, they have nothing left. Through the suburbs, locals and hiding places, where one was freer than in a face-to-face conversation between father and son. For the years and years of lies, for a church whose virgins are pampered by many of those who are here today in this square«, has intoned.

«Among all this that I tell you, on top of that, I know that I have been lucky, more than in other times, than in another country, because in this country they do not persecute me or kill me«, he has exposed, although with a clear nuance: «But be careful with this, any day at three in the afternoon or at three in the morning the ghosts come full of hate, maybe as gay as you and me, but with a fucking speech that flatters them, that gives them the legitimacy for, without culture, without reading or neuron they want to split us for taste and consumption our faces«.

Visibly moved and to the applause of the assembled public, Pelae concluded: «After this washing of conscience, now ask me why we celebrate the steps taken and tell me what I have to be ashamed of ». "Family! Head held high, love in abundance, respect and let the party begin!«, It ended to applause. Bravo.

Pelaé's word is law

Margaret of the Cid, mayor of Torremolinos, in a brief speech stressed that what Peláe said is “ley". This is how the month of pride started in Torremolinos, whose hotel plant is close to 100% occupancy thanks to Pride. According to the City Council, the pre-pandemic levels of international tourism are recovering.

Until this Saturday you can enjoy different shows and cultural activities in the town of Malaga. The Pride of Torremolinos 2022 will end that same day with the demonstration that will leave at 17.00:XNUMX p.m. from the Consistory -first year with floats-, and with the subsequent reading of the manifesto by Chloe Aicart, a girl who, together with her mother, tries to raise awareness through social networks of the harassment that trans boys and girls receive. “His testimony and life experience, despite his young age, is an example for all”, said the mayor.


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