Postgraduate Course on LGBTI+ Policies in Public Management

"This postgraduate degree has helped me make a more professional impact on public policy." Berta Mascaró, student.

The second edition of the Postgraduate Course on LGBTI+ Policies in Public Management of the University of Lleida, which is carried out thanks to an agreement between the Department of Equality and Feminisms, the Escola de l'Administració Pública de Catalunya and the University of Lleida, with the support of the Provincial Council of Lleida.
The closing conference was given by Dr. Meri Torras, professor of Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the presentation «Living in relationship: Feminist links and connections».
With the interventions of Xavier Flores, general director of LGBTI+ Public Policies and Elena Fuses, director of the Territorial Services of Equality and Feminisme in Lleida and the vice-rector of the University, Núria Camps.

The postgraduate course is coordinated by Lluïsa Jiménez Gusi, Özgür Güneş Öztürk, Eugènia Bretones and Rafael Manuel Mérida.
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