The LGTBIQ+ controversies continue in the world of shame

The LGTBIQ+ controversies continue in the world of shame The LGTBIQ+ controversies continue in the world of shame

BBC reporter Alex Scott challenged FIFA by wearing the LGTBI bracelet during the World Cup

The national teams of England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, which from the outset they had promised to show off during the Qatar World Cup the rainbow community support bracelet LGTBI, but after the threat of sports sanctions from the FIFA they decided to back down. They were willing to pay a financial fine, but the sanction with a yellow card to the captains who wore the bracelet One love It seemed too high a price.

In a joint statement, the seven federations affected by this notice from the supranational establishment have said: «We cannot expose our players to sporting sanctions, including reprimands, so we have asked captains not to wear the armband in World Cup matches«.

«We were ready to pay the fines that would have been levied for the clothing violations, and we had a firm commitment to wear the bracelet. However, we cannot put players in the situation of having to leave the field«, continues the joint statement, in which the federative entities add that they are «very frustrated by the decision of the FIFA«.

The LGTBIQ+ controversies continue in the world of shameHuman rights

In fact, the world body that presides over Gianni Infantino had already banned the training shirt of the Danish national team in which you could read "human rights for all«, a message that was addressed to the poor democratic guarantees of the authoritarian regime that exists in Qatar, where its citizens, especially women and members of the community LGTBIThey don't have freedom.

Harry Kane, English captain, finally used a black ribbon with the message "Non-discrimination” that was displayed as soon as the jacket that the headlines used in the intonation of the hymns was removed. But that was not the only demonstration carried out by the team he directs Gareth Southgate: In the minutes prior to the start of the match for the first date of Group B, the eleven footballers on the field knelt in support of the movement.Black Lives Matter', which fights against racism and is a common protocol in the previous one of each duel of the Premier League.

The role of the press

The former English footballer Alex Scott and currently a reporter for the with the BBC He was the one who dared to challenge FIFA and wore the LGTBI bracelet that the organization had prohibited. Scott He wanted to show solidarity with his former professional colleagues and at the same time demand the rights of the collective through the images of British television after no captain of the classified team can wear it due to the express prohibition of the international federation.

She is a celebrity in her country as she was the first female soccer expert to comment on a World after his withdrawal from the playing fields. At the age of 38, he writes newspaper articles and presents television programs. He is a member of the Order of the British Empire and is part of the Salón de la English Football Fame.

For his part, the journalist CBS Grant Wahl He denounced that security urged him to change his clothes to be able to cover the game. The 47-year-old reporter tweeted: “The security guard refuses to let me into the stadium for USA-Wales. You have to change your shirt. It's not allowed”. Finally, they laid him on the ground and he didn't have to change his shirt, and then he posted: “I'm fine, but it was an unnecessary test. I'm in the media center, still in my T-shirt. He was detained for almost half an hour".

Explaining what had happened on his blog, Choice wrote that he was detained for a total of 25 minutes, during which time his phone was taken from him and guards repeatedly told him to take off his shirt. He said a commander approached him to say they would let him in and apologized for his ordeal. A representative of the FIFA also apologized to Choice.

The LGTBIQ+ controversies continue in the world of shame

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