Controversy over a cover of Riccardo Simonetti dressed as Virgin Mary

Controversy over a cover of Riccardo Simonetti dressed as Virgin Mary

VOX demands the immediate dismissal of Riccardo Simonetti for «attack Catholics and mock the Virgin Mary«

This same year Ricardo Simonetti was appointed LGBTIQ special ambassador for European Union. At the age of 14 he presented his first show and since then this animator, activist, writer, model, actor and showman has always been fighting for the collective. On 2019 Magazine Forbes chose him as one of the most influential people under 30 on the planet. Last December 1, World AIDS Day, Simonetti posted a post on Instagram in which the dress of the Virgin Mary on the cover of queer magazine Siegessäule, which has been published monthly since 1984. The controversy in networks has not ceased.

The Virgin Mary with a beard

In german magazine Simonetti posed for a portrait of a Sagrada Familia of the same sex. In the post he wrote: «If we ignore the fact that Jesus was not white, we might also believe that the Virgin Mary he had a beard, why not? ?‍♀️ I feel very proud and honored to be in the December issue of such a queer institution as Siegessäule Magazine. I had the amazing opportunity to appear on many magazine covers in my life, however this is the first time that I am on the cover of a queer magazine«.

Controversy over a cover of Riccardo Simonetti dressed as Virgin MaryThe showman added a compromising message; «Today is also the World AIDS Day, a topic that is featured in the issue and I would like to encourage you to get tested, know your status and fight the stigma with which people HIV positive still have to deal with. The media did a very good job of bringing homophobic images related to the SIDA boat and HIV to the mainstream world, but somehow they never managed to inform people about the medical progress that has been made since then and what life can look like with the HIV today«.

Network controversy

The cover has been classified as blasphemous by many Christians who have not stopped criticizing it on social networks. They call it provocative. Neither to Vox He has liked photography and even the MEP of the ultra-conservative training, Jorge Buxade, has claimed by letter to the president of the Camera to apologize for «attacks on Christendom«.

«The level of idiocy and unscrupulousness of these scam professionals is unbearable. It is believed untouchable by this false theory of tolerance. But no«, He has written in his account Twitter Jorge Buxade. The ultra-conservative training considers it an offense for the influencer to appear characterizing the Virgin Mary with a beard.

Therefore, Buxade, head of his delegation in the European Parliament, has requested that he abandon his responsibility and ask for public forgiveness from all believers. «He has disguised himself by attacking in a miserable way the beliefs of millions of Christians"He maintains. Buxade also accuses the Eurochamber to tolerate the offense, for which he has demanded by letter to his president, David Sassoli, let it cease «immediately»To the ambassador LGTBI and apologize for «attacks on Christendom»That are being tolerated in community institutions.

Controversy over a cover of Riccardo Simonetti dressed as Virgin Mary

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  1. What a rabble. Then they demand respect and homage for their choice, but they despise and humiliate all that is not theirs. Bad future you have.

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