Express negotiation to have LGTBI equality plans in companies

Express negotiation to have LGTBI equality plans in companies Express negotiation to have LGTBI equality plans in companies

The Government confirms the impossibility of approving the LGTBI equality plans before March 3, the deadline given by Law 4/2023

The LGTBI equality plans in companies will be a reality "very soon", but not before March 3, as mandated by the so-called LGBTI trans law. The Ministry of Labor, the unions and the employers' associations held this Tuesday the first meeting of the table that must develop regulations to guarantee equality for the LGTBI community and its protection in the workplace, as well as equal opportunities in employment.

All actors have confirmed the good will to carry out the text that will serve as a basis for the implementation of equality plans. LGTBI in companies, and also that there are broad coincidences in negotiation. However, as the secretary of Employment Status, Joaquín Pérez Rey, It will not be possible for these plans to become a reality before the deadline established by law 4/2023, el Winners will be announced in March.

All parties agree to activate an agile negotiation that can be closed in a short time, and Work He has already announced that he will soon call a new meeting, although there is still no specific date.

At this Tuesday's meeting (which was chaired by the second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz), the Executive has collected the proposals of the unions, and is now waiting to receive contributions from the employers to start working on a joint text.

Mandatory or voluntary plans, depending on the case

Express negotiation to have LGTBI equality plans in companiesIn the Law 4 / 2023 It is established that companies more than 50 working people They must have, within a period of 12 months from the entry into force of this rule, «with a planned set of measures and resources to achieve real and effective equality for LGTBI people, which includes an action protocol to address harassment or violence against LGTBI people«.

In the documentation sent by the unions, it is stated that equality plans will be mandatory, in addition to companies with more than 50 workers, if mandated by the sectoral or company collective agreement, and when the labor authority has agreed in a sanctioning procedure to replace the accessory sanctions for the preparation and application of said plan, in the terms established in the indicated agreement.

For the rest of the companies it will be voluntary, but the public authority must encourage it and may require it as social clauses in public contracts, based on the Public Sector Contracts Law. The public administration will also favor the negotiation of these plans in collective bargaining for these companies with less than 50 workers.

Express negotiation to have LGTBI equality plans in companies

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