The Government will take the 'parental pin' of Vox to the courts

The Government will take the 'parental pin' of Vox to court The Government will take the 'parental pin' of Vox to the courts

According to Celaá «the veto of parents that their children do not attend activities violates the right of minors«

GAYLES.TV.- Vox insists that it is about freedom of education, when in reality it is just educational censorship. He 'parental pin'has become the first great ideological toll paid by the pact of the right. Educational centers already have their regulatory systems in which the school council decides the compulsory extracurricular activities for each year.

Interfere with the educational proposal of schools «would violate the rights of students to receive a comprehensive education », according to Minister of education, Isabel Celaá. He 'parental pin ' which Vox demands to apply in the communities of MadridAndalusia Murcia to approve the regional budgets, it obliges the parents to authorize in a prior and express way the child assistance to any type of activity held at the school.

The Government will take the 'parental pin' of Vox to the courts«The veto by the parents to the attendance of the students to these activities would suppose a 'disguised conscientious objection ' that could be applied to curricular contents and that goes against Spanish legislation", it states Celaá. Hence  Ministry of Education and Vocational Training He announced yesterday that he will resort to judicial action against any initiative “aimed at undermining the right to education and censoring the performance of schools and their teachers".

He 'parental pin'' allows parents to censor part of the educational program by deciding whether or not their children attend talks about diversity LGTB +, racism or feminism in the educational centers.

The spokesperson for Vox in the Congress of Deputies, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has ensured that the measure required by Vox to approve budgets in Murcia «it's so natural and so free»That is not explained«how can there be so much controversy«. «Parents know much better than teachers what is best for their children" has said. «If parents want their children to go to religion, they have to expressly authorize it. If the school does an extracurricular activity they have to authorize it. Well, if they give them a talk about certain contents, it is natural that parents want to be able to authorize their children to go », has held Espinosa de los Monteros.

Murcia, the Vox laboratory

blankSince last September the 'parental pin'is already in force in Murcia. Although Vox wanted to shield it by law, finally the budget agreement promises to maintain «an express authorization of the families for the participation of their children in complementary activities«. Ciudadanos, that his mouth has been filled so much stating that he defends LGBTI rights, and after ensuring that the so-called parental pin it was a "red line" that they were not willing to accept, has yielded and signed an agreement in Murcia with PP (its Government partners) and Vox to get the 2020 budget That includes that measure.

President of Vox, Santiago Abascal, wrote on twitter: “EYou are trampling the right to freedom of education. You intend to mold the children with your chaladuras and sectarianisms. We will continue to protect families from your totalitarian drives. Leave our children alone".

If the talks about diversity LGTB + are "nonsense » It means they are more necessary than ever.



Source: La Vanguardia,, The country

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