Pilar Lima to Pablo Motos: "The deaf and dyke invites you to the XNUMXst century"

Pilar Lima to Pablo Motos: "The deaf and dyke invites you to the XNUMXst century" Pilar Lima to Pablo Motos: "The deaf and dyke invites you to the XNUMXst century"

Pilar Lima, the United Podemos candidate in Valencia, will denounce El Hormiguero for making fun of her being deaf and lesbian

"Dear colleagues, especially dear Pillar. You are the mayor that needs Valencia: a deaf woman, dyke, feminist, brave... that he is not going to put himself in profile ». This is how the minister praised Irene Montero to the candidate of United We can to the mayor's office Valencia, the former senator Pilar Lima, at the rally that he held last Tuesday in Valencia. Just a few hours later, that comment was referred to on the show. The Anthill with a vexatious tone.

The program led by Pablo motos mocked the Valencian candidate for her deafness and her sexual orientation, using the presentation she made of her Irene Montero. As a result of this speech, a collaborator of the program, Miguel Lago, said: "As everything goes, start missing: here is lame...”, between laughs on the set.

Lima responds

Deaf, dyke, feminist and stubborn, that's how I am, no matter how much the cave dislikes”. The candidate of United Podem-United Esquerra to the mayor's office Valencia, Pilar Lima, defends himself from the ridicule of The Anthill. Lima has responded to the presenter in a video on his social networks: “Unides Podem was born with the aim of breaking down barriers and also making courageous policies that turn the nose of the powerful. Nothing hurts the patriarchy more than seeing a woman who has had to overcome all kinds of obstacles to reach the top like this". Lima The video ends with a call to attention to the communicator: “Pablo motos, from here, from Valencia, the deaf and the dyke invites you to the XNUMXst century; open your mind dear".

From the purple formation they have charged against the mockery of the program of Antena 3, which they consider a “contempt” towards his candidate: “They laugh at the possibility that a deaf and dyke woman may be mayor”, Has stated Angela Rodriguez, Secretary of State for Equality. Lima He has indicated today that his training is studying legal measures against the program, in addition to measures through the supervisory bodies of the media.

Homophobic and vexatious comments

Through a statement, he points out that "It is worrying that programs in prime time that are watched by millions of families and young people laughingly discriminate against us LGTBIQ + and people with disabilityWe are not the subject of jokes, we are people with all political rights and we can be mayors, of course we can”. The candidate and former parliamentary spokesperson considers that “due to behaviors such as those of these poisoners, there is the bullying and discrimination and we must fight them with all the tools, due to attitudes like this, we must apply the LGBTI law to the maximum and from Valencia ".

Pilar Lima to Pablo Motos: "The deaf and dyke invites you to the XNUMXst century"

Sources: elDiario.es

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