They ask jail for an evangelical pastor and his wife for mistreating their son for being gay

An evangelical pastor and his wife are asked to jail for mistreating their son for being gay They ask jail for an evangelical pastor and his wife for mistreating their son for being gay

The Prosecutor has requested two years in prison for an evangelical pastor and a year and a half for his wife for causing mistreatment and injury to his son

Un evangelical pastor and his wife have been accused of mistreating and assaulting his son for being homosexual. This happened in terrace (Barcelona), where they also attacked their partner after yelling at him "fagot” and even mentioned that the parents told him that if he reconsidered, “God was going to heal him".

In its indictment, the Prosecutor attributes to the parents, followers «strict» of evangelical worship, two crimes against moral integrity or alternatively of injuries against the integrity of the person and, in addition, one of mistreatment and another of injuries. It is a case of crossed versions, since the parents also accuse their hijo and his partner, although the Prosecutor's Office does not believe his story and only asks that both parents be sentenced.

Opposite of homosexuality

The private accusation, exercised by the lawyer Richard of the Rose, who represents the son and his partner, asks for two years in prison for the father, or alternatively, one year supplemented by 80 days of community work, and another year in prison for the mother for the crimes of mistreatment in the domestic sphere, injuries and hate crime, according to his brief, to which he has had access Efe. According to the Prosecutor's Office, the son left the family home, located in Terrace (Barcelona), in early 2017 fearing that his parents, "manifestly opposed to homosexuality", would discover his sexual orientation.

The two parents appeared repeatedly at the young man's institute to change his mind, until days later a meeting was held at the center, where the son, accompanied by teaching staff who gave him support, explained to his parents that he was gay and that he had a partner. His father, who did not accept the sexual orientation of his son nor the relationship he had had with his partner for months, assured him, according to the indictment, that "the natural site of the penis is the woman's vagina and not the place where she poops«. Terrible vision of the affective-sexual orientation, the one that this pastor has.

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