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Jordi Petit and LGBT + activism

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Jordi Petit: "More than achieving, it is necessary to establish rights that have an effect on society." Homogeneous families are the vanguard of the LGBT + movement. "GAYLES.TV.- Jordi Lozano González puts his DNI, but ...

Bruno Bimbi: combative journalism

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Bruno Bimbi and his fight for equal marriage in Argentina GAYLES.TV.- Bruno Bimbi is a journalist and writer, but above all he is a tenacious and persevering man. When Pedro Zerolo commissioned him to mobilize Argentin ...

Isabel Franc and the lesbian tribe

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"Humor is a constant in my life" Isabel Franc GAYLES.TV.- Lesbian literature and humor are the labels that have marked the bibliography of the writer Isabel Franc (Lola Van Guardia). Without denying them - "the ...

Mar Cambrollé, trans activism as a flag

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"Equal in rights, but humanly different" VIDEO GAYLES.TV | The trans activist Mar Cambrollé, president of ATA (Andalusian Transsexual Association Sylvia Rivera), talks about identity, orientation, politics ...

Colita Why yes!

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Colita immortalized the first gay demonstration of the Spanish State made in Barcelona on 1977 Video | Colita has captured through his camera the history of the last half century and has done so with patience ...

Olga de Dios, I draw a line

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Diverse and inclusive characters in children's literature GAYLES.TV | Olga de Dios defines herself as a visual communicator and narrator of stories through images. His line, direct and personal, is directed ...

Tribute to George Michael

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It was an icon of pop music and LGTB visibility + VIDEO GAYLES.TV | Coincidence or not George Michael lived his last Christmas at 2016. As in the song of the duo Wham! with which he debuted woke up many ant ...

Sergi Pérez: The Talented Man

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An intersex will be the protagonist of his next movie VIDEO GAYLES.TV | Sergi Pérez is not a common type. His first feature film "The Camí més llarg per torr a casa" went from being a project by Verkami to winning ...

Lina & Ali: A Trans Family

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History of a trans family VIDEO GAYLES.TV | The life of Lina and Ali is anything but conventional. After 23 years of marriage and a teenage son in common Lina finally takes the step and decides to live as always ...