"Peppa Pig" incorporates a couple of lesbian mothers and jumps the controversy in Italy

"Peppa Pig" incorporates a couple of lesbian mothers "Peppa Pig" incorporates a couple of lesbian mothers and jumps the controversy in Italy

The far-right party Fratelli d'Italia has called for the cancellation of the series "Peppa Pig" after the appearance of a character with two mothers

British cartoon seriesPeppa Pig” has reached the Italian electoral campaign by the hand of the Brothers of Italy. The polar bear family Penny, formed by two mothers, has outraged the extreme right, which has asked the RAI to cancel the series from their programming. At the moment Italian public television remains silent.

In the episode titled “Family”, broadcast on the British channel Channel 5 (and which is expected to arrive soon Clan) the polar bear character Penny and his friends Suzi Sheep y Danny Dog they had to do a very common activity in schools: draw their family. And she does it by tracing the figures of two polar bears. “I'm Penny. I live with my mom and my other mom. One mom is a doctor and the other mom cooks spaghetti. I love spaghetti!", Explain Penny.

This addition comes after a request for the popular series to include a same-sex couple in one of its stories, and which has collected more than 24.000 signatures in the UK. "the children they see Peppa Pig They are at an impressionable age. Excluding same-sex families will teach them that only families with fathers and mothers of different sexes are normal." the petition claimed.

Rejection in Italy

The famous little pig is suffering in her own flesh the polarization that is experienced in Italy ahead of the general elections to be held on the 25th of this month. The new signings have not pleased the far-right party Brothers of Italy that claims to the television network RAI ban the episode in which this family appears. Also in Italy, the Asociation Pro Vita & Family has started a collection of signatures that in just two days already exceeds the 8.000 accessions, asking the RAI Please don't air this episode. “It is intolerable to use cartoons” to indoctrinate «the minds of children and normalize situations based on gender ideology”, complaint Jacopo Coghé, spokesperson for the association.

The president of Brothers of Italy He has also intervened in the controversy ensuring that homosexuality is a matter "What should families handle? and that they should notimpose concepts that it is too early to metabolize”.

"Peppa Pig”, a matter of state

"Peppa Pig" incorporates a couple of lesbian mothers

In the debate held last Monday in a broadcast on the web of the "Corriere della Sera" with his great rival for the elections, Enrico Letta, leader of Democratic party (PD, center left), Melons made it clear that he is against gay couples being able to adopt, because “a child who already comes from a disadvantaged situation must be offered the maximum, which is to have a mother and a father”. Read He replied saying that what counts is “give love" to the kids.

He has also given his opinion on the case of “Peppa Pig" Berlusconi, which is trying to gain a foothold among the more moderate conservative voters against the push of Melons. For the veteran former president, it is “sad and worrying” that a cartoon"se used to convey an ideological vision of family and sexuality” . In his opinion, it is an example of a “wrong cultural climate” what do you expect "condition" to the kids.

On June 12, it was possible to see Melons at a rally Vox en Marbella supporting the candidacy of Olona Macarena in the Andalusian elections. At that rally, the leader of the Brothers of Italy He also spoke of the importance of defending the model of “traditional family”  and to reject theLGBT lobby” .

According to the latest polls, the party of Melons would get more than 25% of the votes and, joining forces with the Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia and Matteo Salvini's Lega, could reach a very loose absolute majority.

"Peppa Pig" incorporates a couple of lesbian mothers

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