People in Red gets 464.959 € for the fight against AIDS

The People in Red gala manages to raise 464.959 € for the fight against AIDS

GAYLES.TV.- More than 550 people gathered on 20's November night of 2017 at the Royal Palace of Pedralbes from Barcelona. It was the second edition of the party People in RedOrganized by the Foundation Fight against AIDS. The six winners of the contest organized by GAYLES.TV They were able to enjoy the dinner offered by four chefs with Michelin Star: Carles Gaig, Carles Abellán, Nandu Jubany and Hideki Matsuhisa. They also lived the experience of being housed in the house of a host of Airbnb Sergio García, Stephan Biel and Rosa Maria Maristany they met their hosts moments before going to the gala and together they enjoyed a very special night collaborating in the fight against SIDA boat.


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