Life imprisonment or death penalty in Uganda for being gay

Life imprisonment or death penalty in Uganda for being gay Life imprisonment or death penalty in Uganda for being gay

Uganda approves "one of the worst laws in the world" against the LGTBIQ+ community

Uganda has, since this Tuesday, «one of the worst» laws against homosexuality in the world, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, who has described it as «scandalous and devastating because it punishes the entire collective LGTBIQ + simply for existing, for being who they are«.

Türk asked the President of the country, Yoweri Musevini, which does not ratify the standard approved by the Parliament which establishes, among other punishments, the death penalty for the crimeof aggravated homosexuality»for gay, lesbian and transsexual people -when it is considered, for example, that a homosexual relationship is not consensual or that there has been coercion-.

In addition, it also includes prison sentences, which can reach life imprisonment, for "the attempt at homosexuality»Or«your promotion«, which can be punished with 20 years in prison.

For Türk, the norm confuses consensual sexual relations with those that are not consensual and enters into conflict not only with one's own ugandan constitution, which promotes «equality and non-discrimination«, but also contradicts the international legal obligations of the country in terms of human rights. Also, add Türk, places "in grave danger» the most basic rights of Ugandan citizenship.

El UN high commissioner he also fears that the law will be used to punish journalists, medical personnel and human rights defenders."just to do his job«.

Approved almost unanimously

Life imprisonment or death penalty in Uganda for being gayHowever, the law has been approved almost unanimously and without great debates or doubts. Only 2 of the 400 deputies have voted against. The criminalization of homosexuality is the result of a great consensus in the country where there are many prejudices against the homosexual population, as a result of stereotypes with strong cultural roots and which were reinforced during the coronavirus pandemic. AIDS.

Some also associate him with the pedophile practice, as can be seen from the speech of the deputy from the region of Amuria, Musa Ecweru: "We make this law for our children, we make this law for our children's children. This country will stand its ground, and once it passes we will strengthen the police to make sure that homosexuals have no space in Uganda«.

El Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has declared: "This deviation. Are deviants born this or are they made this way? This must be said by doctors. West You must stop wasting humanity's time trying to impose your practices on the rest of the world. "

Türk believes that the new law will fuel social hatred and give"White card" for one "systematic rape" of the human rights.

In February alone, more than one hundred arrests, forced evictions, public humiliations and sexual assaults against people LGTBIQ + According to United Nations, who have also denounced an increase in homophobic rhetoric in the public speeches of the country's political, religious and social leaders.

Until 35 of the 52 countries in Africa they do not respect the rights of homosexual people and penalize not only their practice, but also their own homosexual identity. In Mauritania and, when the law approved this Tuesday is ratified, also in Uganda, the punishments can become the death penalty.

Life imprisonment or death penalty in Uganda for being gay

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