Trans * movies you can watch on Netflix during confinement

Trans * movies you can watch on Netflix during confinement

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Proposals for an LGTB + marathon during confinement

Third installment: Trans Movies *

GAYLES.TV.- Maybe you have a free time between meme and meme. In the busy schedule of the isolated, he has a place for the cinema. Here we propose some of the trans * films that are broadcast on the platform Netflix. May confinement be light for you!



David France

In 1992 Marsha P. Johnson, the transsexual activist, died in a very mysterious way in the Hudson River in New York, leaving everyone around her with the doubt that it was suicide, as the police certified, instead of a murder. Throughout the documentary you will see never-before-seen images of Marsha and the interviews that were conducted to investigate her murder by her faithful friend Victoria Cruz, who will be in charge of telling the entire process to which she was exposed in order to know the authentic truth about the death of Marsha P. Johnson.



Tom Hooper

Drama based on the true story of a couple of Danish artists, Einar and Gerda Wegener. The life of this marriage took a turn when Einar replaced the female model that his wife, Gerda, had to paint. When the portraits prove to be successful, she encourages her husband to adopt a feminine appearance. What started as a game led Einar to an unexpected metamorphosis.

bad Education


Pedro Almodóvar

Enrique, a young director, is in search of a new production when he receives an unexpected visit from Ignacio who claims to be his first love and brings with him a copy of a story based on his experiences of young people in the Catholic school. It is a passionate drama that explores the effect of sexual abuse and religious education in the 80s.



Jennie Livingston

The film explores the 'Houses' of the New York neighborhood of Harlem in the late 80's. A 'House' is a society of gays and drag queens (drag queen in the New York sense of the term that includes transvestites), which is shaped like Gang. The 'Houses' are formed by a 'mother' or mother and the 'children', sons and daughters, the function of the mother is to preside over society and advise and look after its members. The 'Balls' are the dances organized by the 'Houses' in the 'Ballrooms' (literally dance halls) that become a kind of club to meet and compete with each other. "Paris is burning" reflects the phenomenon of the 'balls' from 1987 to 1989 when it has already attracted the attention of the media and the cultural industries perceive benefits from what is suddenly the new fashion.


Source: Netflix, Filmaffinity

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