Lesbian Movies You Can Watch On Netflix During Confinement

Netflix lesbian movies Lesbian Movies You Can Watch On Netflix During Confinement

#Stay at home

Proposals for an LGTB + marathon during confinement

Second installment: Lesbian movies

GAYLES.TV.- Maybe you have a free time between meme and meme. In the busy schedule of the isolated, he has a place for the cinema. Here we propose some of the lesbian films that are broadcast on the platform Netflix. Preparing trans movies *. Let the confinement be light for you!

Elisa y Marcela


Isabel Coixet

At 1885, Elisa and Marcela meet at the school where they work. What begins as a great friendship ends in a love relationship that they have to live in secret. Marcela's parents suspect this relationship and will send her abroad for a few years. Upon their return, the reunion with Elisa is magical and they decide to have a life in common. In the face of social pressure and talk, both decide to draw up a plan: Elisa will leave the town for a time to become Mario and marry Marcela, but not everything will be so easy for this unrecognized love.

Duck butter


Miguel Arteta

Two women, dissatisfied with their love life, decide to make a pact to spend 24 hours together in hopes of finding a new way to create intimacy.

THE FEELS (2017)

Jenée LaMarque

A lesbian bachelorette party goes wrong when one of the girlfriends admits she has never had an orgasm.



Kim Soy-yong

Completely neglected by her husband, Sarah embarks on an impromptu road trip in the company of her daughter and her best friend, Mindy. Along the way, the relationship between the two friends intensifies before circumstances separate them. Years later, Sarah tries to rebuild their relationship in the days leading up to Mindy's wedding.

below her mouth


April Mullen

Dallas (Erika Linder), who has just broken up with her partner, carries out the aggressive seduction of Jasmine (Natalie Krill), an apparent heterosexual, committed to marrying her boyfriend.

Daisy, with a Straw


Shonali bose

Laila Kapoor is a talented young 19-year-old from a middle-class family in Delhi. Born with cerebral palsy, her speech is unintelligible and she goes in a wheelchair. She is very close to her mother, Shubhangini Damle, who strives to be able to go to the prestigious University of Delhi. And when the young woman's heart breaks, her mother sends her to continue her education at New York University.

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