Gay movies you can watch on Netflix during confinement

Netflix LGTB + gay Gay movies you can watch on Netflix during confinement

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Proposals for an LGTB + marathon during confinement

First installment: Gay Movies

GAYLES.TV.- Maybe you have a free time between meme and meme. In the busy schedule of the isolated, he has a place for the cinema. Here we propose some of the gay films that are broadcast on the platform Netflix. May confinement be light for you!

My best friend Netflix LGTB + gay


Martin Deus

Lorenzo is a teenager who lives in Patagonia. One day his family receives Caíto, the son of some friends who are going through a serious family situation and cannot take care of him. He is a complicated boy and has difficulties adapting to the new home. Despite the differences, a unique friendship is born between them. Each has a lot to learn from the other.

Call me by your name Netflix LGTB + gay


Luca Guadagnino 

Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), a young man of 17, spends the warm and sunny summer of 1983 in his parents' country house in northern Italy. He spends his time lounging around, listening to music, reading books and swimming until one day his father's new American assistant arrives at the great village. Oliver (Armie Hammer) is charming and, like Elio, has Jewish roots; He is also young, confident and attractive. At first Elio is somewhat cold and distant towards the young man, but soon they both begin to go out on an excursion together and, as the summer progresses, the mutual attraction of the couple becomes more intense.

Loev Netflix LGTB + gayLOEV (2015)

Sudhanshu Saria

When Jai, a brilliant Wall Street negotiator, decides to add some pleasure to his 48-hour business trip to Bombay, his young musician friend Sahil leaves everything, including his boyfriend, to help him get the perfect getaway. Along walks through the hills and canyons of the Western Ghats of India, between attempts to start certain conversations, skype calls and funny jokes, both friends realize that what keeps them apart is more than just a bunch of time zones.

i_am_michael LGTB + gayI AM MICHAEL (2015)

Justin Kelly 

It tells the story of gay activist Michael Glatze, founder of the LGTB Young Gay Latina magazine, who "saved" himself from his homosexuality by dedicating his life entirely to religion, becoming a defender of the anti-gay movement.

holding_the_man LGTB + gay


Neil Armfield

Tim and John are two young men who fell in love in their teens, while attending boys-only institute. John had a successful life, being the captain of the soccer team, while Tim fought for his dream: to be an actor, who gets a small role in Romeo and Juliet. Their love story lasted 15 years, which helped them see all the obstacles that marked their lives: the breaks, the arguments, the discrimination, the temptations, the jealousy and the losses. It seems that they are an indestructible couple, until the only problem that love cannot solve, will get in their way

The-law-of-desire Netflix LGTB + gayTHE LAW OF DESIRE (1987)

Pedro Almodóvar

Pablo (Eusebio Poncela) and Tina (Carmen Maura) are two brothers, dedicated to show business, who are forever marked by the separation from their parents and, above all, by Tina's dark secret. Pablo, who lives poorly in love with Juan (Miguel Molina), meets Antonio (Antonio Banderas), but then his life will become even more complicated.

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