Pedro Sánchez removes Carmen Calvo from the Trans Law

bald_montero Pedro Sánchez removes Carmen Calvo from the Trans Law

 Equality and Justice advance in the negotiation of the Trans Law so that the text reaches the Council of Ministers before Pride

GAYLES.TV.- This means that the Trans Law will pick up the gender self-determination and it will allow the change of legal sex without the need for a medical or psychological report, as well as hormonal and / or genital surgery of minors under 16 and 17 years old without the need for parental consent.

The possible veto of the LGTB + collective to the socialists on Pride Day that is celebrated on June 28 has changed everything.

The draft of the Trans Law provides for the legal change of sex at age 16The pressure of the Trans and LGTB + associations, mainly PlataformaTrans, Chrysallis, FELGTB, Fundación Triangulo, Euforia, which he warned the PSOE to "refrain from appearing" in the Pride has been decisive for Pedro Sánchez has given the order to Calvo, secretary of Equality of his party, to yield to Podemos.

There will be a Trans Law, it will no longer be necessary to wait - as current legislation requires - two years to prove that there is "gender dysphoria" in order to start the transition process that includes genital surgery. The law also provides that the entire health process is free, since it includes an expansion of the portfolio of common services of the National Health System to cover the needs of trans people. The benefits include the necessary health care for hormonal treatment, voice therapy, genital surgeries, mammoplasties, mastectomies and prosthetic material.

Gender self-determination

New proposal to unblock the Trans Law

One of the most controversial points is the inclusion of the concept of gender self-determination, which provokes the rejection of a small part, but with great power, of the traditional feminism embedded in the PSOE but which does not represent the general feminism movement, which is trans- inclusive.

Current legislation allows changing the name and sex on the DNI as long as there is a medical or psychological report. This requirement will be eliminated with the Trans Law, which considers "the free declaration of the person felt" sufficient to change the registered sex from the age of 16.

In other words, minors between the ages of 16 and 17 may change their sex without the need for psychological or medical tests. On the other hand, between the ages of 12 and 15, whoever wishes to make the registration change must do so through their legal representatives, normally through the family. But if they do not agree, "a judicial defender" will be appointed. The procedures, in any case, will be free of costs or fees.

This rule will make Spain is one of the European Union countries with the most advanced legislation on trans people. Keep in mind that many nations have laws that recognize and protect the rights of people with these characteristics, but require having treated with hormones, operated or submit a medical report to recognize the change of sex.

Only six countries require only the will of the people for this process: Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg and Malta. And with nuances that are not present in the norm that the Ministry of Irene Montero raises.

The Danes, for example, require six months of reflection before starting the process; the Irish must make a formal declaration; While in Belgium, Portugal and Luxembourg, the last countries to incorporate this legislation, minors under 16 and 17 can only do so with a medical statement.

The approval of this standard represents a overwhelming defeat of the PSOE, which has always maintained that the supposed right to self-determination lacks "legal rationality" and deprives feminism of a subject. The party's argument on this matter was made public in June 2020 through a document signed by Carmen Calvo, José Luis Ábalos, Santos Cerdán and Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis.

Consequently, it is possible to speak of victory by United We Can in the struggle that the two government parties have been fighting for a long time to become spokespersons for the feminist movement, which has an increasingly leading role for the trans community.

As he says Mar Cambrollé, president of the Trans Platform, who are "now we are going to wait for the full text to make an assessment«.



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