Thailand's Parliament approves same-sex marriage law

Thailand's Parliament approves same-sex marriage law Thailand's Parliament approves same-sex marriage law

When the law receives the approval of the Senate and the king, Thailand will become the third Asian country to legalize equal marriage

Thailand As of today, it is one step closer to joining the list of countries that legalize same-sex marriage, a right that in Asia is only recognized in Taiwán and in Nepal. The Thai parliament has given the green light with an overwhelming majority of 400 votes in favor by 10 against the new law that must now receive the support of the Senate and the king Rama. From the monarch's signature, the law would come into force in four months.

The law will eliminate explicit references to gender when referring to marriage, which will be replaced by neutral references such as "two people»Or«married couple" instead of "man and woman«. It will also ensure that homosexual couples can adopt and inherit with the indispensable and necessary equal rights than heterosexual marriages.

Pending the Senate and the king's signature

Thailand's Parliament approves same-sex marriage lawThe Thai Prime Minister, By Srettha Thavis, has shown its support for Bangkok can organize the main celebration of the Gay pride before the end of this decade despite the fact that he governs in coalition with several conservative groups close to the country's army. “I consider this success to be part of the consensus of Thai society. Work together to create a society of equality and not discriminate. Especially gender and family formation, which are basic human rights that the State must guarantee“, the prime minister said on social networks.

If the new legislation finally receives final approval, Thailand will become the main country in the region to regulate homosexual marriage. With 71 million inhabitants, and a traditionally conservative society, Thailand will become the first country in Southeast Asia in taking this step, and the third in Asia.

Thailand's Parliament approves same-sex marriage law


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