The Pope: "Being homosexual is not a crime"

The Pope: "Being homosexual is not a crime" The Pope: "Being homosexual is not a crime"

Pope Francis asks to distinguish between "sin and crime" and urges the Catholic Church not to discriminate against the LGTBI collective

El Pope Francisco has affirmed that "being homosexual is not a crime, it is a human condition", during an interview with Associated Press done this week. Although he has defended that it continue to be considered a sin: “It is not a crime. Yes, but it's a sin. Well, first let's distinguish sin from crime. But the lack of charity with the neighbor is also a sin”. He has also advocated for the abolition of laws against the LGTBI collective, in force in many countries.

Francisco has admitted to the journalist from Associated Press that in some parts of the world, Catholic bishops support laws that criminalize homosexuality or discriminate against the LGTBI community. However, he attributed those attitudes to cultural contexts and said that bishops in particular must also go through a process of change to recognize the dignity of all. “Also the bishop has a conversion process”, he said, adding that they should show “tenderness, please, tenderness, as God has it with each one of us". "We are all children of God and God loves us as we are and with the strength that each one of us fights for our dignity”, added the pontiff.

Homosexual acts areinherently messy"

The Pope: "Being homosexual is not a crime"

But despite calling for an end to those discriminatory laws, the pope francisco has reclassified homosexual acts as "intrinsically disordered". Francisco he addressed the issue of homosexuality from the very beginning of his pontificate. It was in his famous statement in 2013, upon returning from his travel to Brazil, when he launched that of "who am I to judge them?".

El Pontiff has always said that homosexuals should be accepted by their families and has referred to the community LGTBI valuing their rights as citizens. He has also defended civil unions for gay people and has spoken on numerous occasions of "help", but "without imposing things on the Church that by its nature cannot be imposed".

Often, however, he has added some controversial nuances. Especially when he has recommended on more than one occasion to parents who detect this sexual tendency at an early age Take your children to the psychologist.

En In 68 countries around the world, same-sex sexual relations are prohibited., with sentences ranging from a few months to many years in prison, or even corporal punishment such as public flogging or the death penalty.

The Pope: "Being homosexual is not a crime"

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