A young man is beaten after posing as his Grindr date

A young man is beaten after posing as his Grindr date

Three men beat up a young man in Vilafranca del Penedès after posing as his date

The Mossos investigate the homophobic attack on a young man who was deceived by a false Grindr profile on March 21 after making an appointment through the aforementioned social network at a home. The young man had been with another and when he went to the place three men attacked him and stole his wallet. The boy went to report the act of premeditated violence and went to medical services, which confirmed that he had physical injuries.

The Mossos have activated the assistance and accompaniment protocols for the victim. It is not known if the false Grindr profile with which the attacked young man, whose belongings were also stolen, was thought to be dating, contained photos and a false name or was one of the three assailants.

The dangers of Grindr


El Observatory against Homophobia He has lamented the events on his social networks after the victim has brought the aggression to his attention.

Grindr is the world's most used gay dating app. In 2018 he jumped to the covers for having shared with third parties data of its users.

En Spain there is a similar precedent: the "Pilla Pilla project" that a young Ukrainian created with 5 more members with the intention of imitating the Russian group "Occypay Pedofilya”. Under the pretext of identifying and neutralizing alleged pederasts, the gang had as "real objective to chase, humiliate and harass gays”. The convicts arranged appointments presenting themselves as 16-year-olds and treated the victims who came as pederasts. Its leader was sentenced to 5 years in prison and the rest of the members received sentences of 9 to 27 months in prison.

A young man is beaten after posing as his Grindr date

Sources: La VanguardianiusCadena Ser

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