Netherlands will not indicate gender on identity document

Holland Netherlands Genre Netherlands will not indicate gender on identity document

The new measure will take effect in 2024-2025

GAYLES.TV.- So that each citizen "can develop his own identity in freedom" Netherlands will not collect your gender in the identity document. In this way the box intended to indicate the sex on the card will disappear to help people "that they do not feel unequivocally man or woman" This has been announced to Congress la Minister of Education and Culture, Ingrid van Engelshoven. He recalled that it will not be the first European country to make that decision since Germany recognized the third gender in 2018. At the moment the passport will not be modified to respect the regulations of the European Union "but if a sufficient number of member states support the change, gender could also be eliminated in them"Added the minister.

Holland Netherlands GenreEngelshoven He stated before the deputies that "limiting unnecessary recording of sex in official documents is an important step in the process of being able to show one's identity in a safe environment" A measure that the collective demanded long ago LGTB +. Organizations LGBT + Dutch like COC y NNID they celebrated the change: "It will be great news for people who time and again have faced gender issues in their documents, who are asked unnecessary and intrusive questions on trains or at border controls." In 2018 the Dutch justice included the neutral gender in the civil registry after the claim of an intersex person registered as a male who later identified himself as a woman. His complaint forced the creation of a third option in the official documentation.

Various countries, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Australia and Canada, they allow people to use an X in case M (male) or F (female) is not suitable for them; with this change, which will be implemented in the next five years. Was Napoleon Bonaparte who entered sex on birth certificates because he wanted to know how many soldiers he could count on in the future.

Holland Netherlands Genre

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