Disney cowardice

Disney + presents its first gay character Disney cowardice

Disney presents its first gay character in "Out", a short film for children

GAYLES.TV.- We would celebrate this news if it were not for the factory Disney has been dizzy for years with the visibility of the collective LGTB+. The reality is that he does not dare; now he does it through the small door with a short film entitled «Oct»Which tells a homosexual love story. The short is part of the series SparkShorts to present innovative projects in an attempt to find new talent. «Oct»Tells the story of Greg, who must explain to his parents that he is gay.

Greg is a leading character, but Disney + It seems that he is rehearsing how the public receives these flashes of diversity. Dare not a person LGTB + star in a movie that is being shown in a movie theater, it has to be a short film on digital platforms. The film has directed it Steven Clay Hunter who had already participated in the films of «Wall-E » Y "Finding Nemo", among others.

A while ago there was a very successful campaign that pushed for Elsa out lesbian. It seemed that Disney had finally yielded to the collective's claims LGTB + and vice-president Thomas O. Staggs came to affirm in 2017 that would incorporate either a homosexual character or a lesbian princess. Finally Frozen II, disappointed. The director's excuse J was memorable: «Elsa I was not ready for a relationship. She is very shy. The important thing about this movie is that she is a woman who carries the weight of a kingdom on her shoulders and who has to deal with extraordinary power. ”

At the beginning of 2020 Pixars premiered "Onward"A film of Pixar in which a character appears openly for the first time LGTB +. The controversy was not long in coming when viewers verified that it was a lesbian police officer, cyclops (one-eyed) and horned, who also only made a brief appearance in which he referred to his girlfriend who never appears in the film.

Si Disney you want to hang the medal LGBT friendly you will have to work it a little more.

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