Madrid's LGTBIQ+ Pride kicks off with Chanel's proclamation

Madrid's LGTBIQ+ Pride kicks off with Chanel's proclamation

Chanel Terrero has called for the unity of minorities and respect «don't just love who you love, but be who you are«

El LGTBIQ+ pride in Madrid has started this Wednesday with the proclamation of the eurovision Chanel Terrero. The afternoon has begun in the Pedro Zerolo Square with political vindication, to the cry of «Almeida, asshole, give me back my Pride!« and with general anger at the cancellation of the concerts in the Plaza del Rey.

«As easy as you had it. With the charming city that you are running, that welcomes everyone. Yes or yes we will have Pride", has said the plexi, master of ceremonies, before more than 10.000 attendees. The president of the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals (FELGTBI+), Uge Sangil, has affirmed that the extreme right will not silence them and that Martinez-Almeida «he is not the mayor of all madrileños«.

Chanel, acclaimed and dressed in the colors of the rainbow, has called for unity «of minorities" as a "impassable wall«, because it is not that «respect who you love, but respect whoever you are«. In her proclamation, the artist has stressed that «it takes many years to get rights but it is too easy to lose them, in a moment«.

"Turn insults into proud shouts"

LGTBI Pride kicks off in Madrid with Chanel as heraldChanel, who has worn a dress with the rainbow flag, has shown that her «better luck"was having a family that educated her"in love and respect«. «From a very young age they taught me that love moves the world, that we are all the same, regardless of skin color or who we love.“, he has reiterated.

At this point, she has recounted how as a child she was a victim of racism and bullying, experiences that she will never forget, but that far from sinking her, turned her «in a confident woman" Of her self. «Many of the people who are here will have suffered rejection for the simple fact of being. I will fight every day so that every day you receive the Pride you deserve, because the time has come to turn insults into proud shouts«, Chanel has indicated.

For the artist, «visibility is necessary» for, for example, «that a kiss between two women is not a reason for conflict«.

There was also space in the proclamation to «rremind those who began an important struggle more than half a century ago, that we must continue«. «Thank you gay, bi, lesbian, trans, intersex, queer, and non-binary. Thanks to those who educated in equality, who promote equitable laws. Thanks to all the men and women I have loved for teaching me to love without prejudice", It's over.

Sources: El PeriodicoThe Spanish

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