Odd Kiosk: the queer kiosk in Barcelona

"We believe that giving a voice to the LGBTIQ + collective through a queer kiosk is a very interesting alternative for the neighborhood and the city"

GAYLES.TV.- The idea of odd kiosk arose during confinement. Iván Jiménez, graphic designer, and Txema Montero, architect, decided to give new life to the kiosks that are disappearing, with an alternative proposal in full Gaixample de Barcelona.

Queer publications, limited series of artists of the collective LGTBIQ +, queer-themed fanzines, magazines of small fashion, architecture, design publishing houses. And of course, daily newspapers and magazines, water in a carton, kombucha, select snacks and very soon, you will be able to buy a good coffee machine. odd kiosk is on the street València, 222 (corner with Enric Granados) in Barcelona. We are queer!


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