Los Javis, 2020 ODA award for representing LGBT + diversity

Los Javis ODA 2020 award for representing LGTB + diversity Los Javis, 2020 ODA award for representing LGBT + diversity

ODA rewards Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi for positively representing the diversity of the LGBT + community

GAYLES.TV.- El Observatory of Diversity in Audiovisual Media (ODA) en Spain will present the next 23 from January to 20 hours the first report that analyzes how fiction represents LGBT + people in Spanish audiovisual media with the aim of understanding how they are represented and developing more responsible and empathetic media. For the elaboration of the study, more 1.300 characters, 56 films and 43 seasons of fiction series produced by Spanish audiovisual media.

The mission ODA It is aimed at the general public and, especially, at the media, scriptwriters, producers and producers who want to understand diverse identities when conceptualizing an LGBT + character.

The initiative, inspired by the association GLAAD de United States, aims to analyze the presence of LGBT + characters in the fiction of Spanish audiovisual media. Its objective is to contribute to improving social awareness, non-discrimination and the breaking of stereotypes through diverse images of people with different gender identities and sexual orientation.

Saturday, January 23 at 2 o'clock. Online Gala ODA 2020

La Presentation Gala will be held online through YouTube. In the first edition it has been decided to reward the work of Javier Ambrossi y Javier Calvo for their work in positively representing the diversity of the LGBT + community.

Elsa ruiz y Alberto Velasco will present the virtual gala that can be followed through the YouTube de ODA. It will feature the performances of Samantha hudson, Miss caffeina, Megane mercury y Ondina.

It will also have a round table with experts in diversity and representatives of the main production companies and audiovisual media in the country, such as Atresmedia, Banijay Group, Mediaset or Buendía Estudios plus Monica Trasandes, Representative of GLAAD.


LGBTI people are not sufficiently represented in Spanish movies and series, especially lesbian, bisexual and trans women.

According to the ODA report, LGBT + representation in Spanish audiovisual media is much higher in series than in films. There are only 14 major LGBT + roles in film, which represents 4,31% of the total number of characters while, including the series, a percentage of only 6,15% of LGBT + characters is reached. Most of these characters have an anecdotal presence in these fictions and women are underrepresented. That is why more non-stereotyped LGBT + protagonists are needed, who also represent the stories that heterosexual or cis characters star.

The report highlights that representation of trans * realities is clearly the most deficient: only 4 characters of all those analyzed are transgender and, in addition, only one is played by a transgender person, which means that they are characters counted, written and created from the vision of cisgender people, and interpreted by them as well, which completely skews true trans * stories.

At the same time it is found that there is a very low percentage of racialized characters who also have very stereotyped roles. All this gives meaning to the work that ODA has started as an Observatory for the Diversity of Audiovisual Media in Spain.

Sources: ODA

Photographer: ODA

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