Bishop Munilla against the LGTBIQ+ collective

Bishop Munilla against the LGTBIQ+ collective Bishop Munilla against the LGTBIQ+ collective

Bishop Munilla accuses the LGTBIQ+ collective of "disfiguring" the "biblical symbol" of the rainbow with ideas "against nature"

El Bishop of Orihuela-Alicante, José Ignacio Munilla, has taken advantage of his daily program on Monday Radio Maria to make a plea against pride month LGTBIQ + which is celebrated during in June. Specifically, he has charged against the use of the rainbow flag and the coincidence in the calendar of this celebration of diversity with the "month of the heart of Jesus”. The bishop has accused the movement of “disfigure" the Rainbow, "a biblical symbol of unity with god".

Munilla has started his morning show"Sixth Continent» analyzing the “miracle” of the rescue of four minors in the Colombian jungle after spending several days alone. The bishop has used this case to claim that "providence has allowed a case like this to serve to value the gift of family". "The important thing is that the family stays together.” on the basis of marriage.

Munilla against the flag LGTBIQ +

What started as a plea for the family turned into one against the movement LGTBIQ +. "This month of June is consecrated to the heart of Jesus, but in recent years this month of June is intended to become the month of pride LGTBIQ +”, has assured in Radio Maria. she has regretted Munilla that "many public institutions put up these flags as if they represented this movement". "It turns out that the European institutions change the flags of the nations for the flag LGTBIQ +, in the White House, in the Capitol and even the embassy of U.S. in the Vatican”, he assured.

This critique has focused on the American case. Munilla referred to a tweet by the US president Joe Biden, in which he celebrated with a rainbow flag in the Casa Blanca to be "a proud country”. The bishop welcomed the response that the representative of the Catholic Church in Texas who assured him thatremember that pride comes before the fall". "Taking pride in pride is highly unwise”, has assured Munilla.

disfigured rainbow

Bishop Munilla against the LGTBIQ+ collectiveIt is then that the Bishop of Orihuela-Alicante defends that “the rainbow has been completely disfigured". "We have to go to Genesis to discover that the rainbow is the image of the alliance”, he has defended. “Now it goes from being a sign of the alliance with God to a symbol of pride in which the being separates from God”, he lamented. “It is a symbol of detachment, the prevalence of desire over the law of God, the natural law.", has added.

The rainbow, he continued, is "a kind of Tower of Babel that rises defiantly”. However, he has defended that it fell "because what is built on the mud does not have consistency". "This also has feet of clay, gender ideology, ideology LGTBIQ +”, he has defended. “It is built against the very being of man, of nature, against reality”, he insisted. “Forcing reality only leads to unhappiness”, has settled.

Munilla: a very controversial ultra bishop

His resume of grotesque statements dates back to 2018. In statements in Radio Maria, Munilla He assured that there are two feminisms: «the feminine«, which seeks the juridical and legal equality of men and women, and one «radical or gender» who wants to equate the two sexes in all aspects. This second one has like «victim the woman herself and the true feminine cause«. And she finished it off: «It's funny how the devil can score a goal from the same ranks. Feminism, having assumed gender ideology, has become a kind of harakiri", he came to say. According to Munilla, feminism defends causes such as «lesbianism and bisexualism" Y "free and free abortion«, which has meant a «female genocide» in many parts of the world where it is used so that women are not born.

Su LGBTophobia It was also evident in 2021 when he qualified the homosexuality as a neurosis.

En Donostia they wanted to get rid of it. During his bishopric he highlighted his ultras ideas attacking homosexuals, went so far as to affirm that they have to suffer a «process to heal the disease they suffer«. Of the the Basque Country He went out the back door. in november 2009, 75% of priests de Gipuzkoa positioned against his appointment as the new bishop, but he was then appointed by the ultra-conservative roco varela.

Bishop Munilla against the LGTBIQ+ collective

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