Bishop Munilla: "Homosexuality is a disease, a neurosis"

Bishop Munilla: "Homosexuality is a disease, a neurosis" Bishop Munilla: "Homosexuality is a disease, a neurosis"

Bishop José Ignacio Munilla presents an ultra-conservative, homophobic and anti-feminist profile amplified by his media character

El Pope Francisco take out of Euskadi to the controversial prelate of San Sebastián, appointing him bishop of Orihuela-Alicante and avoiding that it could land on some archbishoprics who will be relieved shortly, such as Valencia, Santiago o Valladolid.

The religious, convinced that homosexuality is a «disorder»That can be cured with therapies, he came to assure in 2010 in a program of ETB1 that he had helped «heal»To at least three gay people. «They have seen very clearly that their homosexuality is a consequence of the wounds suffered in their childhood within the family«, He argued in that program on Basque public television.

Munilla defends whenever he has the opportunity therapies for "cure homosexuality"And, given the criticism received, he asked:"Does it seem politically correct to operate on a person to change their sex and does it seem politically incorrect to do therapy to correctly guide their sexual tendency?«.

Qualify homosexuality as «unnatural»And adds that«many times it is reached through pornography«. «Many times one becomes homosexual because on the basis of a brutal way having sought some acts, that has ended up making him homosexual. Sometimes it is not the thief who does the robbery, but the robbery that makes the robber«, Argues.

Munilla and his theories

Bishop Munilla: "Homosexuality is a disease, a neurosis"The second way to get to homosexuality, according to Munilla, is for a «inadequate experience of personal configuration in puberty«. The bishop, in a talk given in 2018, defended that «Today we have reached a consensus to understand that homosexuality is not a matter of hormones or things like that, but above all a disease, a neurosis that has been formed by inappropriate relationships at puberty with the family environment«.

The new bishop of Orihuela-Alicante, citing studies of authors whose names he cannot pronounce, he adds that «It seems that there are more male homosexuals than lesbians, although it is thought that the malformation of homosexuality is similar, although there are more studies of the male«.

He also states that «In the vast majority of cases, a homosexual has had a stormy relationship with his father and has taken refuge in the mother, seeing in her an overprotection and having with her a kind of tremendous affective attachment that ends in some cases with an erotic edge«.

A very controversial bishop

In your account Twitter, which is followed by almost 70.000 people, has also launched highly controversial messages such as equating refugees with terrorists to speak of abortion as a «female holocaust«.

In his book «Sex with soul and body » talks about the sin and immorality of masturbation, the false evidence that condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases and the manipulation of the “feminism”So that society does not reproduce, among other things.

With the arrival of the bishop in the city on February 12, many complaints have arisen. The political party Let's change Orihuela has shown "his outrage" for the appointment of Munilla, and requires the City Council to deny the traditional reception of Orihuela to the new bishops.

Sources: elDiario.esABCEPE

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