New proposal from LGTB + entities to unblock the Trans Law

New proposal to unblock the Trans Law New proposal from LGTB + entities to unblock the Trans Law

Trans Law: two requests in three months, but without requirements

La State Federation of Gays, Transsexuals, Lesbians and Bisexuals (FELGTB), Together with Triangle Foundation y Chrysallis have met this Monday in the Moncloa with representatives of Executive those who have asked to include in the Trans Law a maximum period of three months to complete the gender registration change process.

With this proposal they want to overcome the main obstacle posed by the PSOE for the approval of the Trans Law. The legal articulation of the right to self-determination of the registered sex of trans people continues to be the excuse used by the socialists.

From the socialist representation of Government the proposal had been launched to require people who want to modify their gender or registered sex the need to go with witnesses than to carry out the procedure. A formula that leaves behind the requirement of current legislation to have a medical report and a two-year hormonal process, but that places requirements on self-determination promoted by the draft Ministry of Equality.

Self-determination in three months

FELGTB, Triángulo Foundation and the association of trans minors Chrysallis reject this formula, and have proposed that people who want to change their sex in the registry do so with a deadline of three months. It would be a first request before the Civil Registry, and a new appearance after three months to finalize the process.

«Gender determination cannot be conditioned by third parties, witnesses, testimonies, documentary evidence, medical reports or any third party assessment." has warned Uge Sangil, President of the FELGTB.

Children under 12 years old

If the Trans Equality Law included the possibility that minors under 16 could make the change of sex, the entities now propose that this be possible between 12 and 16 years, while minors can only access a name change in the first process.

«But always respecting the sentence of the constitutional«, Has highlighted Ana Valenzuela, president of Chrysallis. In this sentence the High Court endorses that minors «with enough maturity»And who are in a stable transsexual situation can request their gender change in the Civil Registry.

Free and equal

«Our struggle is to be, trans people do not have to prove or prove that we are trans », has insisted sangil before journalists, to indicate that the work of the State is «recognize»This situation and «Modify the error»That was committed in the current standard.

In the act, the president of Take up has read some words that the former deputy of the PSOE in the Assembly of Madrid, Carla Antonelli, has transferred them, in which it indicates that the measures demanded by the group are in line with the commitment of the PSOE with trans people and with the initiative that led to Congress in this matter in 2018. In the opinion of Antonelli, «no one has the right to protect the trans community, or to witness their intimate decisions«. «We want each other free and equal in a country that does not humiliate any of its members«, Has pointed out the socialist.

Moncloa and LGTBI groups approach positions to unblock the Trans Law

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