New homophobic aggression in Vigo

New homophobic aggression in Vigo

The complainants maintain that it was a homophobic attack because they had kissed on a bench in Plaza de Portugal in Vigo

La National Police is investigating the alleged homophobic attack suffered during the early hours of Saturday to Sunday by two boys aged 22 and 23 in Vigo. The attacked filed a complaint for the blows and insults suffered by a second gang of young people who began to rebuke them when they kissed on a bench in the Portugal Square.

One of them had his nasal septum fractured, his ear torn off and bruises on his face and body, and the other had a broken tooth and bruises on his arm. The youngsters had to be treated in the hospital. Alvaro Cunqueiro for the injuries they sustained in the beating. The case is being investigated by the brigade in charge of the hate crimes since it could be a homophobic attack.

The events occurred around half past four in the morning when the attacked were with three other friends on a bench in the Plaza de Portugal. After showing an affectionate attitude, another young man who was with a gang of about seven people, in a nearby bank, approached them and began to rebuke them. Insults went on to punches and kicks, causing some injuries for which they had to be treated at the hospital.

beating for a kiss

Ivan Lomba, author of the complaint, ended up with his arm in a sling, bruises on his face and without a molar filling. His partner, with blows to the face and a broken nose. “We weren't bothering anyone, but they stood up to us with the excuse that we had put aside a bag of drinks"He explains.

Sarah Peace, Iván's partner, seventeen years old, attests to that version. «They were a group of seven people, five boys and two girls. When Iván and our friend kissed each other, I noticed that those behind us were beginning to whisper. Shortly afterwards they approached and beat them. I have no doubt that the reason was that they were seen kissing. It was a homophobic attack", Add.

This is the second homophobic attack denounced in Vigo in the last five months. Last November, the actor from Coruña Albert Bello reported that another young man had brutally beaten him while yelling at him «You fucking fag!» when he returned after dinner with the director of the play he was preparing in the city.

New homophobic aggression in Vigo

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