Transgender children, exemplary parents. The case of Ryland

Transgender children, exemplary parents. The case of Ryland

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video brings that story to life. This is how these parents have wanted to share with the entire LGTBI community and the whole world the story of Ryland, his transgender son. Here we explain the basic points, but do not stop watching the video: The Whittington Family: Ryland's Story.

Ryland was born in San Diego (California) under the enormous enthusiasm of his parents, Jeff and Hillary, who were prepared with pink room, dresses and headbands for receive your daughter. During the first year of life, they discovered that Ryland was deaf. Quickly the parents and the doctors took measures to operate the small one and Ryland finally began to listen and learned to speak.

What his parents didn't expect is that one of the first things Ryland said was, "I am a boy«. It's a phase, it will pass ... These were the comments parents heard most often, but Ryland was growing up and that "phase" did not end. They finally accept the reality that your daughter really feels boy, who is a transgender child.

This change of reality and of the established idea of ​​parents for their child is a shocking situation that requires action. So Jeff and Hillary investigated the issue and, faced with the terrible fact that the 46% of transgender people try to commit suicide for the non-acceptance of society, they they were not going to let that happen with Ryland.

Haircut, change from "she" to "he", round of explanation of these news to family and friends, new wardrobe ... Ryland is today a happy child and with a family that has accepted him as he is from the first day. The example that both the boy and his parents have given to society is infinite, a visible act against prejudice and labels, the best sample of what we never tire of repeating: after all, this is a matter of love.

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