Vox proposes to repeal the Law that guarantees the rights of LGTBI people

The proposals of Vox for the investiture of the president of the Junta de Andalucía

GAYLES.TV.- Without fear and without asking permission. With that bravado and Hispanic pride the formation ultra-right Vox launches a list with 19 "Proposals from Vox for the investiture of the president of the Junta de Andalucía" As if it were the letter to the kings, the kings of the national fachery ask for everything to repeal laws. Repeal the 8 / 2017, of 28 in December, which guarantees the rights, equal treatment and non-discrimination of people LGTBI and their relatives in Andalusia, repeal 12 / 2017, from 26 in November, which promotes gender equality en Andalusia, repeal 13 / 2017, of 26 in November, and its measures of prevention and comprehensive protection against gender violence, repeal Law of Historical Memory... Yes, well bullfighting and not miss the National Holiday.

It also addresses issues such as the abortion, education or freedom of the press. As its leader affirms Santiago Abascal On twitter "They are proposals to negotiate and not bids. We have the right and the duty to do them. We do not pretend to please everyone, but neither do we deceive anyone. And so we will continue, representing 400.000 Andalusians who have given us their confidence. Without fear, and without asking permission" All very moderate. So in full negotiation for the formation of the new Andalusian government, these are their demands to vote in favor of the investiture of the popular Juanma Moreno.

The 17 point is the one that makes special mention to the collective LGTBI and exposes the following:

"Repeal of the "Law 8 / 2017, of 28 in December, to guarantee the rightsthe equal treatment and non-discrimination of LGTBI persons and their families in Andalusia". The rights of people of homosexual orientation are already recognized in the ordinary laws and the Constitution. Spain is not a "homophobic" country that needs laws special Law 8 / 2017 attributes unjustified privileges to associations LGTBAs the right to interfere in education, to have specific bodies in the Administrationtion and to receive grants"
When you refer to the Freedom of education demands that it be guaranteed "that the training centers will not disseminate any ideology that denies undoubted scientific facts, with special attention to biology" We assume that it is an allusion to the orange bus of HazteOir.org.

These are the most controversial proposed 12 Vox to agree with PP and Citizens. Hold on!!!

  1. "Suppression of subsidies to associations and ideological NGOs" To identify these groups, he argues that they are all "those dedicated to the promotion of a certain ideological vision". Without specifying more, opens the door to a witch hunt of groups that would violate the freedom of association and thought protected by the Constitution.
  2. "Collaborate with the police in the identification of illegal immigrants so they can be expelled. " The training accuses, without evidence, the current government of the Junta de Andalucía of covering up irregular immigration and hiding the documentation of 52.000 immigrants for their expulsion. The powers in matters of Immigration are state, and corresponds to both the Civil Guard and the National Police action on borders and identification of migrants. Vox refers to immigrants, for example, who go to the doctor in an irregular situation. It requires the Board to denounce them. According to Professor Álvarez Ossorio, "proposing a collective expulsion is contrary to agreements on human rights." "The Board is responsible for social assistance and unaccompanied minors. In addition, the Constitution already extended to immigrants the majority of rights, "he says.
  3. Illegalization of organizations that, in his opinion, "favor illegal immigration". That is, to prohibit by law humanitarian groups that assist, help and rescue immigrants under the false pretext of collaboration with illegal mafias.
  4. A 'Parental PIN 'so that "the fathers can exclude their children from teachings, talks, workshops or activities with ideological or moral burden ". As with televisions or digital platforms, Vox wants to give all the power to parents to censor, according to their moral convictions, certain activities.
  5. Creation of a Family and Birth Counseling and promote a pro-family and pro-natality perspective in all policies.
  6. Protect women with unwanted pregnancies to convince them not to abort. "Make sure that none of them receives coercion or pressure from their environment that forces them to abort," they say.
  7. In the educational chapter they ask for "a guarantee that the training centers do not spread any ideology that denies undoubted scientific facts, with special attention to biology". That is to say, that inSchools do not talk about abortion and homosexuality.
  8. Defense of schools that segregate by sex. "The harassment that the Board has been exercising against educational models of differentiated education will be desisted, consolidating the right of parents to choose an educational model [...] It will be studied if there is sufficient demand for the opening of public centers of differentiated education". In this case, the Constitutional Court ruled less than a year ago that education segregated by sex "does not cause discrimination and is respectful of the Constitution."
  9. Repeal of the Law of Historical Memory approved by the Andalusian Parliamentin the previous legislature. In his opinion, "this law imposes, in an authoritarian way, a skewed version of Andalusian history in the 1931-1982 period." This legislation, among other things, requires the Junta de Andalucía "to carry out the necessary actions, in accordance with the approved protocols, to recover and identify the remains of disappeared victims and to prepare maps of the location of remains, as well as the person in charge of authorizing all location, exhumation and identification of remains and authorize the construction or removal of land in which there is knowledge of the existence of remains ".
  10. Obliging the Andalusian institutions and schools to celebrate the 12 party in October. Y change the Day of Andalusia, to commemorate the 28 of February the celebration of the referendum on the initiative of the autonomous process of Andalusia to celebrate the January 2 "the culmination of the Reconquest".
  11. Repeal of the Andalusian law against gender violence approved in the 2007 year. The formation of the extreme right is committed to "replace a law of domestic violence that does not judge the sex of the aggressor." In the text of the regulation, the board established that "women have the right to comprehensive protection against gender-based violence, which includes preventive measures, assistance measures and public assistance." Vox denies gender-based violence and insists on diluting the problem in intrafamily violence despite the fact that today the Supreme Court has established that it will not be necessary to prove the macho intention for an aggression to be gender violence. In case of mutual aggression, and if there is sufficient evidence to convict, the man will have to be convicted of crimes related to the male violence and the woman with domestic violence or family, with the penological differences that exist between both.
  12. To suppress the law of 2017 of the Andalusian Parliament that protected the LGTB collectiveof, for example, homophobic attacks. Vox assures that these associations enjoy "unjustified privileges" and that "Spain is not a homophobic country". The current Andalusian standard was approved unanimously in the previous legislature, being a pioneer in almost all of Europe in imposing fines in cases of hatred or discrimination. For Álvare Ossorio, Vox promotes inequality measures against the protected constitutional right to the promotion of equality and protection of certain groups. "It's an unacceptable regression," he laments.

Source: BE, CCMA

Photograph: CCMA, Gayles.tv


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