A fermented cabbage shake cures homosexuality, according to the Sect of the Caca

The Attorney General of Ohio investigates the Sect of the Caca

GAYLES.TV.- Jillian Epperly, a woman of 44 years who lives in Ohio, has created a milkshake "able to cure homosexuality" his Jilly Juice It consists of a cabbage, salt and water shake that is left to ferment at room temperature and its properties are miraculous. This healing potion can "reverse the aging process, autism and Down syndrome" In addition, his protocol is "able to make members and organs grow back" The italics obey statements that Jillian has done on social networks, where your Jilly Juice He came to have more than 58.000 followers.

His homophobic pearls are not limited to juice. Epperly He stated that his smoothie is capable of "correct the LGBT lifestyle ", which he defined as "a possible mutation of the reproductive system that sends contradictory signals to the brain" Almost nothing.

Jillian Epperly Beaten Cabbage Cure Homosexuality Poop Sect Gayles.tvEpperly It sold packages on its website between 30 and 70 dollars per year to obtain the shake and also to access private forums and supposed personalized telephone consultations. He claimed that if people took their cabbage juice for a while, the body could shed diseases and "deviations". I recommended taking a few 4 liters a day and thus achieve the "waterfalls"That cleanse the organism. An authentic liquid diarrhea, that is why groups opposed to its protocols called it "the sect of the poop"

The situation was complicated when a man of 55 years suffered pancreatic cancer he ingested Jilly Juice Following the protocols and the unhealthy drink caused him unstoppable diarrhea and finally death. The Office of the Attorney of Ohio I had already received three complaints against Jillian and he took action on the matter because if there is no legitimate proof that the statements he makes are true, a possibility of a lawsuit against him is opened.

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