London Transport prohibits advertising from countries that violate LGBT rights

Eleven countries can not be advertised in London Transport

GAYLES.TV.- We celebrate that more and more companies are committed to the rights of the collective LGTB + and put pressure to defend them. Transport of London (TfL) has prohibited the installation of posters, vinyls and other advertising material of eleven nations and their respective state companies.

Transport of London Metro TottenhamSince October 2016 the public company responsible for the transport network of London 26 carried out advertising campaigns with countries that have a low rate of respect for human rights. Iran, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan y Yemen, for punishing with the death penalty consensual sexual relations between adults of the same sex; already Pakistan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Mauritania y Afghanistan that also contemplate the possibility of apply capital punishment to the LGBT + community will be banned by the British company. So far campaigns have been suspended Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Arab Emirates, while other ads are being studied.

With this initiative the wake of the boycott that was carried out at the beginning of the year with all the publicity related to Brunei and the state airline Royal Brunei since the Asian country approved in April a law that punishes homosexuality and adultery with the death penalty. Celebrities like George Cloney, Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres o Stephen Fry They have already joined the boycott of the British tourism sector as a protest for LGBTI phobic laws.

Transport from London Love is love

Source: Tourinews, Pink News, EveningStandard

Photograph: Transport for London


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