Tom Cruise and John Travolta, gay couple?

NEWS.- Hollywood is upset by the publication of a controversial report in the magazine "Star" in which it is stated that John Travolta and Tom Cruise would be 30 years old keeping a secret relationship. The cover is round when you publish the title "Tom and John, 30 years of gay secrecy" under a photo of both actors smiling.

The journal is limited to citing anonymous sources and locates the origin of the relationship in 1983 in Oregon. According to one of those sources, after Tom's performance in "Risky Business" John became obsessed with Tom, "After seeing him at Risky Business, John had his staff put him in touch with Tom's representative, and they explained that he was eager to meet him. Tom was flattered, apparently, and agreed to go with him at a dinner "

Travolta, who is a commercial pilot, would have invited Tom to Portland to visit one of the centers of the Church of Scientology and discuss aspects of the movie "Top Gun" starring Cruise. So it would be Travolta and not Tom's first wife who would have introduced him to the faith in Scientology.

It is not the first time that it is speculated with the sexual orientation of both actors although both John and Tom have maintained lasting relations with diverse women. In fact Travolta has publicly denied homosexuality even going to trial.

Some digital media such as the portal "GossipCop" firmly state that the entire report is a farce that would have as sole objective to sell copies. The truth is that "Star" offers extensive details about the friendship of both actors, but at no time reveals key information about the alleged love relationship, only stating that it has lasted for three decades.

For our part we limit ourselves to inform of the polemic arisen, the time or the case arrived at the courts, will shed light on the veracity of the said report.

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